3rd wave can trigger the next wave

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New Delhi – Even though, According to sources total positivity rate is not been more than 3 percent for over a month now. States like Kerela, Rajasthan, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Mizoram, and Manipur still have high positivity rates in a large number of districts, which is a concerning matter for The Central government. As it may trigger the 3rd wave in the country. These states still have a big number of districts with a weekly positivity rate above 10 percent and according to the central government it may cause the next wave in the absence of strength micro-level containment. These states including Maharashtra are the top states witnessing an increase in active cases. Approximately fifty districts have above 10 % positivity rate and 55 districts have a 5 to 10 percent of positivity rate. According to statistical information from 14 to 20. 

The district Jaisalmer in Rajasthan has the highest positivity rate at over 41 Percent till now. But other states in Rajasthan like Sawai Madhopur, Baran, Jhalawar, and rajasamand, also have a very high positivity. In Kerala, nine districts including Kozhikode have the highest positivity rate. In Sikkim, the highest positivity rate is about 30 Percent in the districts. 

The central government has advised these states to focus on aggressive testing and containment measures. All states also have been advised to steadily enhance RT – PCR testing also.

Credit – Yogita Tyagi

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