WhatsApp got an amazing feature like Google Meet

WhatsApp: Google Meet-like capabilities have been added into WhatsApp’s latest version. Specially during group WhatsApp conversations, you’ll notice the difference in this area. The latest upgrade will make group calling easier. User’s will now be able to view how many individuals have joined or not joined the group call. In Google Meet, a similar functionality is available. It is now possible to conduct business meetings using WhatsApp group calls after the latest feature upgrade. WhatsApp will have to upgrade the Google Play Store and Apple App Store in order to achieve this goal.

Previously, WhatsApp groups could only join a call if it was started by a member of the group. In addition, during the group call, only one user was allowed to add a new participant. At that time, you would be unable to join the call again if you missed it. This required a request to add a participant to the call during the group calling session in order to accomplish. They can also rejoin a missed group call using the new functionality. There are new audio and video features in WhatsApp’s latest version.

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