Do you find that your phone is too hot all of the time? Here are four suggestions to keep your Smartphone from overheating

Do you find that your phone is too hot all of the time? Here are four suggestions to keep your Smartphone from overheating...

Tips for Avoiding Smartphone Overheating:

Smartphone are an important part of everyday lives. We increasingly rely on our Smartphone for everything from making phone calls to sending email, accessing the internet, and making digital payments. The usage of a Smartphone can often become excessive, causing it to overheat. Heavy graphics and program usage, on the other hand, is one of the primary causes of Smartphone overheating.

Overheating a phone can possibly cause the battery to explode, although we all understand. Heat not only makes the phone difficult to use but also degrades its performance. Excessive applications, games, or other software downloads on the phone create this issue. There would be no need to be concerned if your phone is also overheated. We’ve compiled a list of such suggestions to help you keep your phone from overheating.

Should not charge your cell phone completely:

Should not charge your phone completely, i.e. to 100%. Try to maintain the phone’s battery at 90% or less. Also, do not allow the phone’s battery to fall below 20%. Overcharging causes overheating, and charging with insufficient power compromises the battery’s health. You should charge your phone at least twice a day.

Close all applications in the background:

It is suggested that you close any apps that are not in use. If you don’t keep it up to date, these apps will continue to run in the background, heating up your phone. To close any programs you aren’t using, select Force Stop on the app icon. Instead of running them every day, do it periodically.

Modify your phone’s settings:

Reduce your screen’s brightness as much as possible because it makes the display harder to view. Dimming the screen saves battery life and cools the smartphone. If your phone has adaptive brightness, it will reduce the brightness to the maximum while you’re outside.

Utilize a phone case:

The heating of the Smartphone has also been attributed to the use of a mobile case. The mobile is also affected by intense sunshine and a heated atmosphere. Mobile coverings trap heat within, similar to how a covered, the parked automobile does, preventing the phone from cooling. When the phone is not in use, it is necessary to remove the cover from time to time and keep it under the fan.

Credit – Komal Sharma

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