Eat these “VITAMINS” if you want to keep your lungs healthy from pollution

Eat these "VITAMINS" if you want to keep your lungs healthy from pollution...

Pollution and tiny dust particles in the air are becoming more prevalent, affecting our respiratory systems and causing a variety of issues. As a result, breathing becomes challenging. Lung illnesses such as bronchitis and asthma became more prevalent as a result. Asthma and bronchitis killed thousands of people each year, and now the corona virus is attacking the lungs as well. As a result, our lungs’ health and safety have become critical to our overall health.

In addition to a balanced and proper diet, you need to take certain vitamins to maintain your lungs healthy. Vitamins, in particular, can help to keep your lungs in excellent shape. Problems like asthma can be treated as well as cell damage protected if you take vitamins on a regular basis. Now, we know which vitamins have been shown to be good for lung health.

1. Vitamin D:

Vitamin D protects against respiratory infections while also strengthening bones and teeth. Vitamin D can be quite beneficial, especially for those suffering from chronic obstructive lung disease. According to studies, a deficiency in vitamin D raises the risk of wheezing, bronchitis, asthma, and other respiratory disorders. Vitamin D supplementation can help the lungs in this circumstance. While humans obtain vitamin D through sunlight, vitamin-D pills are also available. When it comes to meals, tuna, salmon, and egg yolk are all good sources of vitamin D.

2. Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant:

Vitamin A helps to keep lung capacity in check. The second most important nutrient for lung health is this vitamin. This will not only enhance your immunity but also the tissue in your lungs. Dairy products, salmon, melon, broccoli, and carrots are all high in vitamin A. It is sufficient to take these items since just a modest amount of vitamin A is required for lung health. If you take too much vitamin A, it might cause liver and bone issues in the long run.

3. Vitamin C is also important:

Vitamin C can help with a variety of ailments. The antioxidant capabilities of this vitamin play a major role in its health benefits. Which guard against infection in the lungs. Vitamin C improves immunity and stimulates collagen production in the skin if consumed on a daily basis. In addition to combating free radicals and toxins, vitamin C, which is found in most citrus fruits, removes toxic compounds. Vitamin C corrects pulmonary abnormalities, allowing the illness to be treated quickly.

Credit – Komal Sharma

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