From 2022, IIT Delhi will offer an MTech in Machine Intelligence and Data Science.

From 2022, IIT Delhi will offer an MTech in Machine Intelligence and Data Science.

As of next year, IIT Delhi will offer a new postgraduate studies in artificial intelligence. Students getting a bachelor’s degree in science or engineering will be able to participate in the programme.

According to authorities, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi would begin a new postgraduate studies focusing on machine learning after this year.

“IIT Delhi’s School of Artificial Intelligence (ScAI) will launch a new postgraduate advanced machine learning programme. The proposed course titled “M Tech in Machine Intelligence and Data Science (MINDS)” has been accepted by the IIT Delhi Council, the academic body responsible for all important educational matters, according to a senior official at the institution.

MTech in MINDS will be the school’s main program for students, with classes starting in July 2022. This will be the dept’s second degree programme. The institution had previously begun a PhD programme in Artificial Intelligence.

“In its initial year, our PhD programme drew a lot of attention. Last semester, we achieved a 90% achievement in attracting PhD candidates to ScAI, which is extraordinary for a fresh academic unit like ours, as candidates choose more established education programmes. However, they chose us, implying that we have assembled a formidable AI teaching team “Added the official.

The postgraduate program is intended to be financed by the sector. Because they will be co-advised by an IIT Delhi lecturer and a researcher from the sponsoring firm, the students will be required to work on commodity AI topics.

The MINDS programme is open to every individuals with an undergraduate degree in science or engineering.

“Today’s colleges and universities cannot exist in isolation. They must collaborate closely with all partners, including the private sector, non-profit organisations, and government agencies. The M.Tech curriculum will energise AI partnership between industry and academics “V Ramgopal Rao, Director of IIT Delhi, said

Graduate-level curriculums in core Ai systems such as deep learning and data analysis, application-oriented programmes such as computer vision, natural language processing, and AI for health sector, as well as fundamental programmes in mathematics supporting modern AI technologies, will be part of the MINDS syllabus.

Credit – Kunal Thakur

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