If you’re suffering from pollution-related eye discomfort, try these natural remedies

If you're suffering from pollution-related eye discomfort, try these natural remedies...

The amount of pollution rises as soon as the winter season begins, which has the greatest impact on our eyes. As soon as you leave the home, water starts to come out of your eyes, and your eyes begin to burn and sting. In such a polluted environment, it is impossible to open one’s eyes. Working people and schoolchildren are more likely to be affected by this issue. The humidity in the air rises as the temperature drops, causing dryness and burning in the eyes even during the day. Headaches, eye burning, watery eyes, dry eyes, and impaired vision are all symptoms of pollution. Swelling of the eyes can also occur as a result of pollution.

If you also suffer these eye problems when the seasons change. So, don’t worry! Today we’ll tell you about some unique tips related to this…

1. Use cold water to clean your eyes daily:

If your eyes are burning and itching, bathe them with cold water many times each day. The filth and dust that has collected in the eyes can be removed by washing them with cold water. Swelling of the eyes can also be reduced by washing them with cool water.

2. Wear Sunglasses on your Eyes:

Wear sunglasses on your eyes anytime you leave the house to safeguard your eyes. Eye protection against dust, dirt and polluted gases can be obtained by wearing sunglasses.

3. Green Tea Intake:

Green tea has a strong anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant impact on the eyes. The antimicrobial components of green tea help to minimize eye irritation. Twice a day, drink green tea. Keep the bag of green tea in the fridge once you’ve finished drinking it. Keep the bags over your eyes until they calm off. Teabags can help you see better and decrease irritation in your eyes.

4. Apply Aloe Vera on your eyes:

Aloe vera, which is high in medicinal characteristics, is excellent for the eyes. It provides immediate relief from burning and swelling. In a cup of cold water, combine two spoonfuls of aloe vera gel. After that, soak cotton in it and apply it over your eyes. You can receive relief from burning and swelling in the eyes by using this cure two to three times a day.

5. Cucumber is good for your eyes:

Cucumber can be used to treat eye discomfort. Cucumber reduces eye discomfort while also cooling them. Cucumber may be used by cutting it into pieces and immersing them in water. After some time, remove them and place them on your eyes; the discomfort will subside. Cucumber may also be used in cooking. Cucumbers are high in antioxidants and flavonoids, both of which help to soothe inflammation.

Credit – Komal Sharma

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