Is your WhatsApp account closed or deleted? Is this something you just did?

Is your WhatsApp account closed or deleted? Is this something you just did?

Because of numerous things you may have done – deliberately or unknowingly – your WhatsApp account may be blocked or cancelled. If you’ve done any of these things, you might be concerned that your WhatsApp account will be terminated.

WhatsApp is a fantastic messaging app. Many people, though, are misusing it. Their WhatsApp accounts might be restricted or cancelled to stop them from causing trouble. In fact, if you infringe the rules – consciously or unknowingly – your WhatsApp account may be banned or cancelled. You must be aware of what you should not do in order to prevent your WhatsApp account from being closed. WhatsApp has been working hard to keep its consumers secure on the network, and it has taken strong steps against millions of users who have broken the company’s rules.

In fact, the numbers of WhatsApp accounts that have been suspended has lately been disclosed, and it is a large amount. In August alone, WhatsApp announced it had disabled 20,70,000 Indian accounts! Between the 16th and the 31st of July, WhatsApp has recently banned 30,27,000 user accounts. Meanwhile, 2 million Indian users were deleted in the first compliance report, which covered the period between 15 May and 15 June. Here’s what you should not do if you don’t wwnt your WhatsApp account to get terminated.

Use only official WhatsApp apps and do not use third-party or modified versions:

Multiple third-party applications, such as GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp Mod, and other different versions of the famous messaging application, can be found simply online. They may provide suitable features such as the ability to cover your online status or the ability to view your texts without sending a read request (while seeing read receipts from others), but these applications are in violation of the company’s terms and conditions and can result in your account being suspended at any time.

Don’t send unsolicited messages to users:

When a person receives an unsolicited message from an unspecified source, the very first thing they are going to do is report it as spam and blacklist the sender. This is a sure-fire way to get your WhatsApp account suspended if you use it to send promotional text messages via private conversation or transmit without their permission. A ban will also be imposed if you create groups with other users without their permission or utilise automated operations.

What happens if your WhatsApp account is blocked or suspended?

If your WhatsApp account is restricted, it will be unblocked after a certain period of time, but a subsequent infringement may result in a permanent ban. The company is allegedly working on a functionalities that will allow users to “appeal” their block in the app, but if they believe the restriction was unwarranted, they can also write to WhatsApp support. The ban will then be reviewed by WhatsApp, which will determine whether the user’s service should be reactivated or stay suspended in the future.

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