Do you also make the mistake of sleeping in winters by wearing socks?

Do you also make the mistake of sleeping in winters by wearing socks?

When our parents tell us to take off our socks and go to bed, we all do so. But it doesn’t matter to us since what might be the reasoning behind it? In today’s post, we’ll discuss how sleeping in socks might be harmful to your health.

1. Blood circulation might be affected:

Sleeping in socks is thought to promote blood circulation, but in many circumstances, the opposite is true. Sleeping in tight socks might restrict blood flow. Sleep in loose socks if your feet are chilly.

2. The chance of contracting a skin infection rises:

Wearing nylon socks or apparel that might cause skin irritation is not a good idea. Instead, put on a pair of cotton socks.

3. It leads to an increase in body temperature:

Your body will overheat if you sleep wearing socks. Socks without an air passage, in particular. While you’re sleeping, this raises your body temperature.

4. Because of this, you will be unable to sleep deeply:

Tight socks are uncomfortable and will disrupt your sleep. As a result, you should remove your socks before going to bed.

5. Bad sanitation:

Sleeping with socks on might lead to a higher chance of bad hygiene. Your risks of infection are increased if your socks are overly light, dirty, or made of non-degradable fabric. It is preferable to sleep in cotton or bamboo socks.

There has been research that supports the concept of sleeping in socks. If someone wishes to sleep wearing socks, ensure they’re not too tight, made of breathable fabric, and they’re clean.

Credit – Komal Sharma

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