These are the best 5 air purifiers under Rs 10,000 in India

These are the best 5 air purifiers under Rs 10,000 in India

The number of dirty dust particles in the air rises as winter approaches. Air purifiers may be quite useful in keeping the air in the home clean. Please let us know the air purifier you intend to purchase.

In India, shopping during festivals is a cause for happiness. This is really a positive attitude in which one goes purchasing for both himself and for family. All marketplaces, both online or offline, are brimming with items since sellers know that buyers would undoubtedly purchase something during the festivals. With the rising pollution in the air, an air purifier has become the most important necessity of the day. The number of dirty dust particles in the air increases with the arrival of winter. Air purifiers may be quite beneficial in maintaining clean air in the house. Please tell us the air purifier you intend to purchase.

1. The Carrier Air One Room Air Purifier:

The Carrier Air One Room Air Purifier allows people to breathe clean air each day feel better. It was filtered three times. It features a PM2.5 monitor and a colour indication to maintain the room’s air quality. It is around 5200 grams in weight. It features an automatic mode that adjusts the air flow speed dependent on the quality of the air. In addition, it has a sleep mode. It is now priced at Rs 10,309 on Amazon.

2. KENT Aura Room Air Purifier:

KENT is well-known for their water purifiers, but the company has lately expanded into the air purifier sector as well. If you really want to buy a good purifier for yourself, KENT Aura Room Air Purifier is a good option. HEPA technology is used in this 25 watt air purifier. This is really a dust collection technique that captures hazardous airborne particles. This method cleans the air of PM 2.5 and SPM. It is now priced at Rs 8,790 on Amazon.

3. Nectar Hexaduo Air Purifier:

Nectar is another well-known name inside the air purifier market. The Nectar Hexaduo has a washable and permanent filter that eliminates 99.99 percent of germs and viruses as well as dust, smoke, mould, and pollen. It includes HIRD technology, which destroys germs as they travel through an electric field. This is currently available for Rs 9,999 on Amazon.

4. Phillips Series 3000 Air Purifier:

Whenever it comes to purchasing air purifiers, we also think of the Phillips brand. This is really the best home air purifiers. That purifier has Vitashield IPS technology, which can readily eliminate hazardous particles as small as 0.02-micron. The three-layer filter captures dust, hazardous gases, and unpleasant odours. It is really a digital purifier that can be controlled by smartphone. It is currently available on Amazon for Rs 23,880.

5. Havells Freesia AP-20:

Havells is a major consumer electronics manufacturer. All of those are available in the air purifier industry as well. Havells Freesia AP-20 is a good option if you want to buy an air purifier. It has HEPA technology as well as a quiet BLDC motor. It contains 5 stages of filtration, a sleep mode, a manual timer setting, an automated filter change reminder, and an odour sensor. It is now priced at Rs 9,899 on Amazon.

Credit – Komal Sharma

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