These three workouts can help you lose belly and waist fat in only 28 days

These three workouts can help you lose belly and waist fat in only 28 days.

To decrease belly fat and waist fat due to eating in the winter, but if the weather prevents you from exercising, you may do this exercise while sitting on your bed or sofa, with immediate results.

It’s difficult to exercise in the cold. It doesn’t want to work hard and doesn’t want to get out of bed. Every season offers such a wide range of foods that it might be hard to keep track of them all, causing your stomach to bloat. Why should the waist expand only when the stomach expands? As a result, we’ve provided you with the answer today. We’ll show you how to practice these exercises while sitting on the sofa and in bed.

There is no need to rush, and if you execute these workouts consistently for a month, your stomach will be inside and your waist will be lowered. Let’s see how to perform these swiftly.

First Exercise:

  • You must keep both hands behind your head.
  • As much as possible, sit with your legs open.
  • At this point, try leaning to the side. It may be started from either the right or left side.
  • On whichever mat, bed, or sofa you’re on, try to touch your elbows behind your thighs.

Second Exercise:

  • You must sit with your legs open for such exercise.
  • Try to grasp the right leg with the right hand while coming to the left hand from above.
  • Repeat this process on the opposite side.
  • After completing each cycle on both sides, repeat at least 10 to 15 times since the outcome is immediate.

Third Exercise:

  • Only the legs are opened throughout this workout.
  • Throughout this exercise, move the left hand as far back as possible while holding or touching the left toe with the right hand.
  • Try to hold your position for 10-15 secs before switching sides.
  • Once you complete one cycle by mixing each side, repeat the process at least 8-10 times.
Credit – Komal Sharma

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