Kim Kardashian’s bikini that will always be in trend. This is how it looks

Kim Kardashian's bikini that will always be in trend. This is how it looks

Kim Kardashian surprised her followers by posting some photos on the beach where she shows off her figure in a beautiful timeless white bikini

It is no secret to anyone that Kim Kardashian has an enviable figure and that everything she wears looks great on her.  But, beyond how she looks, this businesswoman has managed to earn the title of fashion icon for her style, as recognized at the 2021 People’s Choice Awards, for the attitude with which she wears clothes, the selection of each piece and her combinations, among other aspects.

This time she surprised her followers on Instagram, which are not few (we are talking about more than 280 million), with three poses where she wears a timeless white mini bikini that will always be a trend and that, for our good news, favors various body types. .  In addition, a few days ago she used a similar one from a Mexican brand, which confirms that the classic models will be among the favorites this year.

Kim Kardashian’s bikini

Kim Kardashian is enjoying a few days off in the Bahamas and this has sparked a series of rumors among her followers indicating that she is in the company of Pete Davidson, with whom many believe she could have a romantic relationship, which they have not confirmed until now.

Under a spectacular sky and light, Kim strikes poses in gentle waves and on the sand in an off-white two-piece swimsuit.  The bikini top is in the shape of a triangle and can be fastened around the neck with two thin straps.  The lower part is closed with ties at the sides, which Kim raises towards the waist.

This swimsuit model is timeless and looks great on body types that some stylists identify as hourglass type, this means that they have bust and hips with volume, and a defined waist.

The shape that emerges after tying the straps around the neck is called a halter neckline and it also flatters women who have shoulders that are wider than their hips.  In that case, to add volume to the hips and create balance, you can choose wider or larger ties at the bottom.  What we must all take care of is that the top covers the base of our bust and, if it is large, choose the top with very good support.

Let’s talk about color, because we love it.  Kim Kardashian is a lover of neutral tones, black, white, gray, brown, which can be combined with EVERYTHING.  The specific white is one of the most elegant, but if we look closely, she did not choose a pure white, but an off-white, much better when putting our swimsuit in contact with the sand.

In the first days of January, Kim published an image where she wears a similar classic bikini with thicker ties, in a neutral tone, but a little darker.  Something that excites us is knowing that the suit was created by a Mexican brand: Skyler Swimwear.  Her name can be seen delicately embossed on the edge of the top.

The model is called Bikini VII, in a “Cacao” tone.  One of the characteristics that exalts Skyler, as expressed on her website, is the production of the colors of her pieces.  About cocoa they say it is “a deep, rich shade of warm brown hues that shimmer in the sun… Pronounced kuh kau, like chocolate, every angle under the sun brings out the beauty of this blend.”

In general, this color, or similar, is ideal for those women who achieve a tan that is more golden than reddish.  Another trick that can help you make sure that it is a color that can suit you very well is if you feel that gold looks better on you than silver.

The advantage of having classic and timeless bikinis is that you can use them many times, so it is also recommended that you buy good quality ones.  When they are unicoloured, they can be perfect allies to combine and exchange with pieces from other swimsuits.

Source: La Prensa

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