Makar Sankranti Special: Healthy and Tasty Gud Til Ladoo Recipe

Makar Sankranti Special: Healthy and Tasty Gud Til Ladoo Recipe

Gud Til Ladoo Recipe For Adults and Children; Makar Sankranti Special – Gud Til Ladoo Recipe!

Gud Til Ladoo would be a popular wintersweet recipe, especially during Makar Sankranti, a Hindu famous kite-flying event. During the winter, you may prepare Gud Til Ladoos and not only enjoy its delicious flavors, but also get some much-needed energy from them. Ladoos have always had something distinctive about them that makes them stand out above other sweets. Gud Til Ladoo would be a nutritious laddoo recipe since it uses jaggery instead of sugar. Not only does jaggery taste delicious, but it also offers greater health advantages than pure sugar. Crushed peanuts are included in the recipe to give the laddoos an additional crunch. When you want laddoos, offer Gud Til Ladoos a try, and you’ll be back for more. They have a delicious flavor and they will appeal to individuals of all ages, including children and adults. Gud Til Laddoos are also good for new moms since they aid in recuperation and offer energy. By sampling these laddoos, you will be able to fill your tummy with delicious flavors and enjoyment. Please leave a comment below and tell us how they turned out.

According to 4 people, the following ingredients are necessary for Gud Til Ladoo

  • A quarter cup of sesame seeds
  • 1 tbsp. ghee
  • 3 teaspoon chopped peanuts
  • A quarter teaspoon of green cardamom
  • A quarter cup of jaggery

Method to Make Gud Til Ladoo 

Step 1: Roast the sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are added to a hot pan. Dry roast them for 6-8 minutes over low heat, then set them aside.

Step 2: Make the laddoo mixture

In a pan, melt the ghee and then add the jaggery. Mix thoroughly and simmer for about 5 minutes on low heat. Continue to stir once all of the jaggeries have dissolved.

Step 3: Toss the sesame seeds into the mixture

Cardamom powder, crushed peanuts, as well as sesame seeds should now be added to the mixture. Heat for approximately a minute, stirring constantly. Once this is done, put it on a platter covered using ghee as well as oil and set it aside to cool.

Step 4: Prepare as well as serve ladoo’s

Start to create circular laddoos with a little oil on your hands. Allow the laddoos to dry for a few minutes once they are finished. Place the laddoos in such an airtight container or box. The Gud Til Laddoos are now prepared to consume.
Credit – Komal Sharma

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