Median UI Premium Blogger Template By Muhammad Maki (Jago Desain)

Median UI Premium Blogger Template By Muhammad Maki (Jago Desain)
Median UI Premium Blogger Template By Muhammad Maki (Jago Desain) 

Muhammad Maki’s Median UI Premium Blogger Template (Jago Desain)

Median UI Premium Blogger Template – Movie Downloading Website Blogger Template Premium Free Download is a fully responsive blogger theme and template designed for all movies, videos and all other category of downloading websites.  Various, total modern and best professional interface with clean code will make your movie websites so powerful, attractive, responsive and easy to use.  Premium Median UI – Paid Movies Downloading Website Blogger Template Premium Free Download is a modern style entertainment theme and perfect template for movie, movie, tv for movie downloading website, company and agency sites.

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Median UI Premium Blogger Template Features

  • Web documentation – Yes
  • Video documentation – Yes
  • 100% Responsive Design – Yes
  • Google test tool validator – Yes
  • Google rich results – Yes
  • Custom 404 page – Yes
  • Fast loading – Yes
  • 3 Sidebar Options (Left/Right/Full) – Yes
  • Whatsapp sharing – Yes
  • Widgets featured by (labeled, recent or random) – Yes
  • Featured posts by (labeled, recent or random) – Yes
  • By Stylish Slider (Labeled, Recent or Random) – Yes
  • Special advertising spots – Yes
  • Blogger, Discus or Facebook Comments – Yes
  • Drop down menu – Yes
  • SEO Optimized – Yes
  • Social sharing – Yes
  • Browser compatibility – Yes
  • Remove footer copyright – Yes
  • Great about section – Yes
  • Post shortcodes – Yes
  • Blogger template optimizer – Yes
  • Lifetime Template Update – Yes

Fast Loading Speed

  • Blogspot Template Quick Loading.  In Google Mobile, load speeds between 80 and 90, and more than 95 on desktop.
  • This can be checked in quick google views.  So, this is a blogger template user friendly search engine.

SEO Meta Tags

  • You get SEO meta tag in this template which is easy to show information to users.
  • All the major contents of the schema, such as title, description, and keyboard.
  • And others, such as the open diagram, permeate every part of the body.

Automatic Table of Content

  • You do not need to create a table of contents when using this template.
  • This template creates your table of contents automatically.

One Click Dark Mode and Light Mode

  • With this you can make dark mode on your blog.  Help your professional blog turn dark mode.
  • When the dark icon is clicked, it switches to dark mode automatically.
  • Every word, font, color and image of the site will turn into a dark subject.

Beautiful Sidebar

  • It has a nice sticky sidebar with connections and social icons.
  • It is the main organization of these subjects.
  • It has a contemporary UI icon with a connection.
  • All sidebar links and UI icons are easily changeable.
  • It is also possible to create your own 1px solid gray drop-down menu.

Search Bar Header

  • It has a very small search bar for the header.
  • The search bar can be viewed on desktop and the search symbol can be viewed on mobile, which helps to make the search box visible.

Loaded With Ajax

  • Blog article can be reloaded by clicking next page in other blogger layout.
  • Ajax auto content page can be achieved without loading webpage from middle user interface template.
  • This means that your website does not load immediately yet the content is displayed.
  • Ajax helps to query the server for web pages without loading them.

Social Sharing Box Popup

  • For any blogger, this is an incredible feature.
  • To create social sharing buttons, many bloggers use third-party websites.
  • The Media UI template includes a contemporary popup share button box.
  • It’s easy to share your articles via social media.

Adsense Friendly

  • This is a blogger template for Adsense.
  • You can find many ad areas like top ad, sidebar ad, and top and base ads in Ui Median blogger template.
  • It also works for auto advertising from Google.

How to Install Median UI Premium Blogger Template?

Installing a Median UI Premium Blogger Template is very easy, just follow the simple steps to learn how to install blogger template.

  1. Open
  2. Then go to theme
  3. Then click Edit HTML and delete all code
  4. After that copy all the code in the theme xml file
  5. Then paste all the copied code into blogger Edit HTML
  6. Click on the Save button
  7. All done, your new theme is set.

Jago Desain has developed it in such a way that your website will not look boring if you use it, it gives you the feel of using web application or mobile application.

The main focus of this theme is to make it mobile friendly, responsive, fast loading with lazy load function, SEO friendly and premium look so that users cannot be present within a second.

Why Median UI Premium Blogger Template is Best for Bloggers?

Median UI Premium Template is basically designed with UI/UX concept which makes it more attractive, clean, simple, readable, easily navigable and much more.

This theme is perfect for any niche such as news, personal blog, food, tech, educational, etc.

If I talk about Median UI main interface then it is divided into 3 columns, when first column displays all your menu, second column displays your articles in 3 column grid layout and it is displayed horizontally.  There’s also a toggle button to change from, and the last column displays the related post or category, just like any other theme sidebar.  There’s also a Table of Contents button in the right corner.

On desktop this theme looks like a web application that Google uses to build its own products like AdSense, Docs, Slides, Drive, etc.

For mobile, it is given a mobile app that looks exactly like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.  This theme just has a menu with icons at the bottom, just like you would use in Instagram or other apps.  And this Adsense is also ready so that you can get Adsense approval quickly.

So overall, this theme is the best and most recommended theme for bloggers these days.  Because after using this theme, your Blogger website looks more professional than WordPress website.

What is the downside of Median UI Premium Blogger Template?

But, there is only one problem with this theme and that is the customization part of it.  You cannot customize it directly from the layout option.  For that you need to know a little bit of HTML coding.  Because you can customize it only by accessing the HTML code in your blogger dashboard.

You will find its customization documentation on its official website when they have suggested the codes you need to find and convert to your theme.

Other than that everything is fine and you can use it by buying the original code from official websites. All credit goes to Median UI Premium Template Designer.

Demo and Download Median UI Premium Blogger Template

  • Theme – Median UI
  • Designed by – Muhammad Maki

The designer of this theme is Muhammad Maki.  He is from Indonesia and is a great theme designer and developer.  I love all the blogger templates they have designed.  Prior to Median UI he designed Fletro Pro v5.5, which was also a great theme and similar features to Median UI.  I personally love his work. If you want to use this theme with full support and want to get all latest updates and use all features then I highly recommend you to buy this theme from its official website.

Courtesy: Kunal Thakur, Direct News 99

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