NASA to launch the world’s most powerful rocket for the Artemis Moon missions in February

NASA to launch the world's most powerful rocket for the Artemis Moon missions in February
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The rocket is touted as the most powerful ever built and will make its debut flight under the uncrewed launch of Artemis I scheduled for early 2022

NASA has announced the launch of its Space Launch System (SLS) rocket, which will carry humans to the Moon under the Artemis missions, in February 2022. The rocket is touted as the most powerful ever built and will make its first flight under the El The launch of the uncrewed Artemis I is planned for the first quarter of this year.  According to NASA, the rocket and spacecraft will collectively move to Florida-based Kennedy Space Center’s Launch Pad 39B, though the exact launch date has yet to be decided.

Equipped with two solid rocket boosters and four RS-25 engines, the SLS rocket is capable of producing more than 8.8 million pounds of thrust to launch each Artemis mission to the Moon.  John Honeycutt, manager of the SLS program, said in the agency’s statement: “The Space Launch System team is not only building one rocket, but is manufacturing multiple rockets for exploration missions and future SLS flights beyond launch. Artemis initial”.

He added that the Artemis I mission is just the first in a series of human attempts to reestablish our presence on the Moon and said the capabilities of the SLS rocket could even expand our exploration throughout the solar system.  It’s worth mentioning that engineers are also manufacturing and testing major rocket parts for the Artemis II, III, IV and V missions, all of which will be manned.

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SLS Chief Engineer John Blevins said according to NASA: “The Space Launch System is a highly capable, purpose-designed and rigorously tested launch vehicle to safely transport people, large payloads and flagship science missions to destinations in deep space.”  The agency revealed that engineers are currently developing one of the rocket’s components called the Exploration Upper Stage (EUS) that will carry up to 83,000 pounds of payload to the Moon, a capacity that is 70% higher than any existing rocket.

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The mission will be uncrewed where NASA will launch a mannequin, some lego toys and even Amazon’s voice assistance, Alexa, to the Moon.  During this mission, scientists will collect data collected during the flight, including the launch stress endured by the dummy, which will then be used to assist astronauts on subsequent Artemis missions.

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