Omicron Vs Delta Cs, How Long Does COVID-19 Last on Plastic to Skin?

Omicron Vs Delta Cs, How Long Does COVID-19 Last on Plastic to Skin?

Delta Cs vs. Omicron How Long Does COVID-19 Remain Active on Plastic to Skin?

The new study analyzes how long the coronavirus can survive on surfaces, including the Omicron variant.  The researchers detailed how ‘resistant’ the Omicron variant was over other variants such as Delta to the original virus that was first discovered in Wuhan.

As a result, Omicron proved to last longer than other variants.  For example, on a plastic surface, it is still contagious and lasts up to 193.5 hours.

Much longer than other variants such as Alpha 56 hours, Beta variant 191.3 hours, Delta 59.3 hours.  In addition to researching the resistance of a number of variants on the surface of plastic, experts also further analyze how COVID-19 settles on the surface of the skin.

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The result is more or less the same, the Omicron again lasts longer.  In skin samples from corpses, the average COVID-19 survival time was as follows:

  • Original version – 8.6 hours
  • Alpha variant – 19.6 hours
  • Beta Variant – 19.1 hours
  • Gamma Variant – 11 hours
  • Delta Variant – 16.8 hours
  • Omicron Variant – 21.1 hours

“The high environmental stability, its ability to remain infectious, may have helped Omicron displace Delta as the dominant variant and spread rapidly,” they said, the researchers in the study published in the journal bioRxiv.

The good news is, on the skin, any variant of COVID-19 will die 15 seconds later after being given a hand sanitizer with alcohol content.  Therefore, the use of hand sanitizer is highly recommended.

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Keep in mind, the Japanese researcher in the research emphasized that further analysis is still needed, especially since the study has not been certified by peer review.

Source: Detik Health

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