Super Sharanya Movie Trailer, Cast, Short Story, Review, Download, Watch Online

Super Sharanya Movie Trailer, Cast, Short Story, Review, Download, Watch Online

Super Sharanya: Trailer, Cast, Short Story, Review, Download, and Online Streaming

Short Story Of Super Sharanya

Sharanya moves from her small town of Kolenkode to Thrissur for an engineering degree, but she learns more than just an education.

Director and Writer of Super Sharanya

  • Girish A.D.

Super Sharanya Cast

  • Mamta Baiju – Actress
  • Anaswara Rajan – Actress
  • Arjun Ashokan – Actor
  • Vineet Vasudevan – Actor
  • Vineet Viswam – Actor
  • Neslen – Actor
  • Sajin Cherukayil – Actor

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Super Sharanya Review

Director Girish Eddie creates a surprisingly winning formula with Thanneer Mathan Dinangal, a sweet, coming-of-age story set against a school backdrop, and he uses the same formula to give you the same experience.  Along with Super Sharanya, which is set in a college.  But the film, starring Anaswara Rajan in the title role, feels less like a romance, and more slice-of-life and personality-based, reflecting the clear growth graph in the characters.

Sharanya attends engineering college in Thrissur from Kolencode.  It’s a very different world, but there are some early attempts to show that a small-town girl who has difficulty fitting in is left hanging, as is an attempt to show that she has a lot of bad luck.  There is an extra streak.  Anyway, Sharanya is one of a tight gang of four who navigate through life, giving us glimpses of her experiences in college, with food, walks and Sharanya’s romance.

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While Arjun blossoms into a romance with a young man named Deepu, played by Ashokan, in which he and his friends collide, Sharanya also has to deal with the unwanted affection of an angry senior (Vineet Vasudevan), an indecisive and shrewd professor (Vineeth Viswam).  Does matter.  and a shy classmate (Nasleen Ghafoor).  Why is only Sharanya noticed and why she is so attractive to these different men, except to speculate that she seems like the more submissive and gracious young lady in his gang.

But herein lies the charm of the film, filled with lovely glimpses of college and young life.  This fulfills his intention to show the personality development and maturity of not only Sharanya, but her best friend Sona, played by Mamita Baiju.  And the curious thing is that both the irritable senior and the professor get the same treatment from Deepu and Sharanya, but under very different circumstances.

The problem is that the film gets too comfortable with the idea and cuteness of the slice-of-life aspects, that it unnecessarily drags the end, and the nearly 25-minute finale of the 161-minute film feels endless.

The chemistry between the actors is amazing, especially the young men, played by Deepu and his brother-in-law, Sajin Cherukayil, and their friend, played by Varun Dhara.  Anaswara Rajan is excellent and Arjun Ashokan is lovely, but then all the actors are scene stealers, from Mamita Baiju to Sajin and both Vineet.

The story, also penned by Girish E., is a simple one and mainly based on situations that sometimes feel like it will only go so far.  Music by Justin Varghese is captivating, specially sung by Anubhav Mangalkari, Meera Johnny, Sarath Chetanpadi and Jemayama. Cinematography by Sajith Purush and editing by Akash Joseph Varghese give the frame a ‘flying on the wall’ feel which is apt for the film.

Super Sharanya is not a very worthwhile film that will shake or shake you, but if you are in the mood for light entertainment, it can be fun to watch especially with friends.

Source: Times of India, Direct News 99

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