These 8 things weaken immunity, if you want to avoid Omicron, then avoid them from today itself

These 8 things weaken immunity, if you want to avoid Omicron, then avoid them from today itself

To avoid Omicron, remove these things from your diet as soon as possible. They increase the risk of corona by reducing your immunity

Worst Food for Immunity: We usually know what we have to eat and increase our immunity, but forget to see what we should not eat.  To avoid Omicron, along with eating foods that increase immunity, it is also very important to keep an equal distance from those things which can prove to be fatal for your immunity.  We consume these things every day knowingly or unknowingly.  Although they are generally not good for health too, but in the era of corona, a lot of distance should be made from them.

These foods can weaken immunity.  Foods That May Weaken Immunity

White Bread

In this the amount of nutrition is low and the amount of calories is high, due to which it only increases the risk of weight and obesity.

Fast Food

Fast foods like fries with high salt content are known to lower immunity.


Alcohols such as beer and wine increase the risk of infection.  They also increase blood sugar, insulin and the stress hormone cortisol.

Breakfast Cereals

In these, the amount of sugar is high and the amount of fiber is low, which is harmful for the immune system.

Packed Cookies

The amount of fiber and other nutrients in most packaged foods is absorbed.  Therefore, avoiding them should be eaten only fresh things.


Apart from being full of sugar, it also contains artificial colors which damage the gastrointestinal lining.

Potato chips

They contain an excessive amount of salt, as well as a lot of oil in them.  Many recent studies suggest that the immune system can be surrounded by many diseases.

Ice Cream

It is loaded with full fat cream and milk which have a high amount of saturated fat.  Also, ice cream with high sugar level can also increase the infection.

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Source: NDTV

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