Caught In Time Movie Review, Official Trailer, Cast, Watch Online | Entertainment

Caught In Time Movie Review, Official Trailer, Cast, Watch Online | Entertainment

Caught In Time Movie Review, Cast, and Online Streaming

  • Writers: Lau Ho-Leung and Liang Hong
  • Director: Lau Ho-leung

Caught in Time, written by director Lau Ho-leung with Liang Hong, is based on the real-life story of robber Zhang Jun, who was dubbed “China’s number one outlaw” and is said to have played a role in the early 1990s.  Around 50 people were killed or injured during this period.

Detective Zhong Cheng (Wang Qianyuan) has a bad first day at his new job.  He interrupts a robbery by the infamous Eagle Gang, but is overpowered and, under the nickname of their leader Zhang Sun (Daniel Wu) under the nickname The Falcon, dresses up as a gang member, and arrests his associates.  left to do.  This triggers a series of ‘catch-me-if-you-can’ between opponents.

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Director Lau Ho-Leung avoids the obvious clichés associated with the crime/thriller genre.  Instead of a moody noir atmosphere in which crime takes place after dark;  Robberies take place in broad daylight with the associated problem of exposing as many people as possible to potential violence.  Detective Zhong Cheng is far from being a crazy cop who doesn’t follow the rules and is instead a Boy Scout;  Removing fly posters from official hoardings and reminding victim robbery victims of the need to support the police.

The film is set in the same time period as the real-life events, so detectives are forced to rely on more cinematically exciting traditional crime fighting methods than watching computer screens.  A turning point in the plot is the use of revolutionary new technology such as surveillance cameras and pagers.

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The film is shamelessly manipulative and not always logical.  A character announces that they are having a date, a sure sign that they are likely to be the next victims of violence.  Despite Detective Cheng scolding an officer for an act of bravery done without wearing a bullet-proof vest, none of the police (including Cheng) ever put on protective gear.  For a film filled with gunfire and explosions, director Lau Ho-leung opts for an almost low-key performance with enemies in (extremely violent) fistfights.  Yet the characterization continues to lack the nuance shown and the determination to avoid any possible explanation of the gay-sexy relationship between the characters is so intense that despite the intense physical fighting that takes place in the bath house, both of them wrap around their waists.  Manage to maintain the towels.

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Director Lau Ho-leung jokingly referred to John Woo’s hyper-action film The Killer as an educational training film, acknowledging its influence with both police and criminals.  While it is difficult to avoid comparisons with Michael Mann’s Heat, it is also factually based and features a cat-and-mouse relationship between police and criminals.  Caught in comparison time doesn’t serve well;  There is no sense of spiteful praise between the characters, and they are less ambiguous.

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Daniel Wu is the villain with a stylish grin;  Psychopathically capable of letting a child play with a live grenade.  It is believable that he can see a police officer trying to sabotage his plans as a challenge and is personally humiliated when his rival succeeds.  Yet Wang Qianyuan’s detective is driven more by a traditional sense of duty than any personal demons and as a result, the potential conflict between characters is never really compelling.  For Zhong Cheng it’s just business, not personal.

Although Caught in Time has refreshingly different characteristics from traditional action films, the thin feature makes it more traditional than satisfactorily fanciful.

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Signature Entertainment presents Caught In Time on February 7th on the digital platform.

Source: Dave Cunningham, The Review Hub, Direct News 99

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