Cosmic Dawn 2022 Movie Reviews, Trailer, Cast, and Watch Online | Entertainment

Cosmic Dawn 2022 Movie Reviews, Trailer, Cast, and Watch Online | Entertainment
Cosmic Dawn 2022 Movie Reviews, Trailer, Cast, and Watch Online

Cosmic Dawn 2022 Movie Review, Trailer, Cast, and Online Streaming

Plot: Decades after witnessing the alien abduction of her mother, a woman becomes caught up in the bizarre activities of a UFO cult.

Review: Writer/director Jefferson Moneo’s sci-fi thriller Cosmic Dawn (watch it here) — which he says was inspired by a supernatural encounter he had as a child — from a woman named Aurora (played by Camille Rowe)  , whose mother is said to have disappeared when she was a child… but Aurora knows what happened to her mother.  She was abducted by aliens, and little Aurora was a witness to it.  So it’s no surprise that when we catch her as an adult (played by Camille Rowe), she’s burying her memories and feelings with drugs and alcohol.  He then begins having visions that tempt him into a bookstore run by Natalie (Emmanuel Chirqui), who recommends him a book: Cosmic Dawn, by a woman named Alice.

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Aurora soon learns that Natalie is a member of a UFO cult run by Alice (Antonia Zegers), and that all members of this cult have witnessed alien abductions, just as Aurora did.  Well, almost everyone.  Natalie’s husband Tom (Joshua Burge) is a skeptic, simply to support his wife.  As Aurora joins the members of the cult in a different location they call the Mothership, we get a sense that something terrible is about to happen here – and Moneo tells us we’re right to be suspicious, as she has in story two.  is different time period.  The scenes of Aurora interacting with Alice, Natalie, Tom and others in the Mothership are intercut with scenes set four years later, at which time Aurora is no longer associated with the cult.  Now it seems its members are trying to pull him back.

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I found Cosmic Dawn to be a very interesting film, and I was curious to see how things turn out in Mothership – and how crazy the situation will get by the end of the film.  The film is further bolstered by some stellar performances from the main cast, which is no surprise in the case of Chirki and Zegers, as they’ve been working steadily since the ’90s, but I’m also from relative newcomers Burge and Rowe.  was influenced.  In scenes where she cast doubt on what was happening in Mothership, Burge casts Tom as my favorite character in the film, while Rowe did a fine job of playing our emotionally troubled heroine.

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Beyond the acting, I was also captivated by some of the scintillating scenes that Moneo dropped around.  I am sure this movie is going to gather a lot of fans who are into those tragic scenes as well as the musical aspect of the film.  Cosmic Dawn not only boasts a score composed by Halloween franchise veteran Alan Howarth, it also features five songs from the band MGMT, as well as several tracks written by MGMT’s Andrew VanWingarden.  Surprisingly, neither Howarth or MGMT are responsible for the tune “Calling Occupants of the Interplanetary Craft”, which Creed begins singing at one point and which plays over the end credits.  Anyone who has watched this movie probably finds it challenging enough not to get “the calling occupants of the interplanetary craft” stuck in their heads.

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Cosmic Dawn has a lot going for it, but it also has its drawbacks.  There’s a bunch of build-ups to the film that I didn’t find completely satisfactory.  Things were never quite as weird, crazy or disturbing as I was expecting.  98 minutes of the film (and some of that could have been cut) includes conversations between members of the Cosmic Dawn cult, and there came a time when I got tired of waiting for something exciting to happen.

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The film will be exactly what some viewers are looking for, while others will find it too uneven.  And I lean more towards the latter.  I’m glad I saw Cosmic Dawn, and there was a lot I liked about it, but in the end it wasn’t enough for me to watch it again.  It’s worth watching, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s a “one done” movie.

Crank Up Films, the genre-focused label of Good Deed Entertainment, is giving Cosmic Dawn a theatrical and VOD release on February 11.

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