Horizon Forbidden West Update 1.05 Released, Here Are Patch Notes | Games and Technology

Horizon Forbidden West Update 1.05 Released, Here Are Patch Notes | Games and Technology

Here Are The Patch Notes For The Horizon Forbidden West Update 1.05

Guerrilla Games recently released a new patch for Horizon Forbidden West.  Update 1.05 is available to download now on both PlayStation 5 and PS4, and it brings a long list of improvements.  While there are still some issues that the developer is aware of, it should go a long way in improving the players experience.  By the way, if you’re into playing the game, be sure to stop by our Horizon Forbidden West guide.

Anyway, a lot of common problems and quirks have been addressed here.  For example, an issue with HDR “image oversharpening” has been fixed with this patch.  An issue we encountered during the review process had some strange facial animations in Alloys and NPCs, such as eyes staring in a different direction – this has also been resolved.

Other issues resolved in this update include instances of geometry stuck, data streaming bugs, progress blocks, crashes, and more.  See below for full patch notes:

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Key Questions

  • Fixed an issue in the main quest ‘Reach for the Stars’ where reloading a certain auto-save after completing the first quest could block progress.
  • Fixed a problem during the interlude ‘The Eye of the Earth’ where Alloy could be out of the world leaving a cinematic.
  • Fixed an issue in the main quest ‘Cradle of Echoes’ where the world would wander on reload from save.
  • Fixed an issue affecting several grapple points in the main quest ‘The Sea of ​​Sands’.

Side quests and tasks

  • Fixed an issue in the side quest ‘Blood Choke’ where Ateka would be seen falling from the sky.
  • Fixed a progress issue in lateral search in ‘In the Fog’ related to fast travel during search.
  • Fixed an issue in the erroneous search ‘Night of Lights’ where a draggable box could get stuck and block search progress.

World activities

  • Fixed an issue where Relic Ruin: The Dunt could not be started in certain circumstances.
  • The salvage contract fixed an issue in Greenswell: Plowhorn and the Plants where an optional objective could not be served if the required item was sent to the player stash.
  • The Sand of the Sentinels possesses an evil Talneck who occasionally changes the direction of his path, has been disciplined.

Gameplay Fix

  • The Second Chance skill should now work correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with the camera in an unexpected position when using certain weapon techniques.
  • General improvement
  • Image oversharpening in HDR mode has been corrected.
  • Fixed an issue where some settlements would flow, then flow under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue with the HUD flickering when the player performed a loot action.
  • Fixed an issue where rapid opening and closing of maps could cause graphical inconsistencies.
  • Fixed an issue where the animation of alloys would sometimes become increasingly jittery when climbing after a plant was picked up.
  • Fixed a global issue where Alloy’s eyesight, or the direction of some NPCs, was wrong.
  • Fixed several instances where alloys, NPCs or enemies could become stuck in the geometry.
  • Fixed an issue where roads and signs were sometimes delayed on the map.
  • Fixed several streaming issues and unexpected loading screens.
  • NPCs who seemed to be suffering from insomnia and would gather in large groups at night in settlements should now act more naturally.
  • If the initial conversation with her is followed soon after, Petra will no longer teleport to her seat inside the Chainscrape brewery.

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Crash fix

  • Fixed several crashes.

Other Issues

  • Various performance improvements.
  • Many other minor fixes and cosmetic improvements.

The update itself is just over 450MB in size, so download and install it to fix all of the above.  Again, Guerrilla is aware of Forbidden West’s visual issues such as flickering when moving the camera, and is actively working on more improvements.  Although for now patch 1.05 will work great.

Are you enjoying Horizon Forbidden West on PS5 and PS4?  Have you run into several issues (hopefully fixed in this update)?  Activate your Valor Surge in the comment section below.

Source: Reddit, Push Square

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