My Dress-Up Darling Anime Episode 6 English Dub, Characters, Review, Watch Online, and Release Date | Entertainment

My Dress-Up Darling Anime Episode 6 English Dub, Characters, Review, Watch Online, and Release Date | Entertainment
My Dress-Up Darling Anime Episode 6 English Dub, Characters, Review, Watch Online, and Release Date

Characters, Review, Watch Online, and Release Date of My Dress-Up Darling Episode 6

Episode six of My Dress-Up Darling introduces a new character with some elements that both make me feel excited and a little nervous for things to come.  Right off the bat, the highlight of the episode was undoubtedly Kitagawa and his emotional processing.  Last week saw us with Kitagawa completely locked in a moment that was so heartwarming.  Most other slice-of-life romcoms would either arbitrarily write off or severely reduce such a moment to a cliffhanger without any real payoff or romantic progress, so I figured this was actually a turning point.  That’s how Kitagawa will now see his relationship with Gojo progressing.  This girl is in love, and she not only realizes this, but it was wonderful to be completely covered by the intensity of the emotion.  It also helps that this is all completely in character because Kitagawa is pretty much the one who lives by his passion in the moment.  It makes me wonder though: since this revelation happens relatively early by most slice-of-life standards, will we see the relationship between these two blossoming sooner rather than later?  Will Kitagawa really try to pursue the relationship in a more intimate way or is he content with where it is?

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It’s quite possible that those questions won’t be the show’s primary focus, given that the introduction of Blank and the discussion of a new cosplay project will take center stage for some time.  That being said, I like Inui as a character (her inappropriate chasing behavior aside).  She certainly appears to be on a different social spectrum than Gojo and Kitagawa, being much more serious and displaying a more prominent degree of pride in herself.  His approach to cosplay is not unusual, nor do I think it conflicts with his personality that is established within this episode.  This whole idea of ​​an overall character needing to be as precise as possible – at least down to the details – is not something I’ve personally shared.  In my experience, there’s more of an Eastern take on cosplay than what I’ve experienced online and in person here in the US.  However, with the show’s primary demographic being Japanese, it makes sense that such an approach would be at least part of the reason why some of our main characters are into the craft.  So while I personally don’t agree with that mindset, I can at least understand where it’s coming from, especially when the show puts in extra attention to Inui and Kitagawa’s love for the franchise,  From what they want to cosplay.  Plus, the episode makes it clear that this isn’t the primary reason you can or should cosplay.

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It’s not exactly how Inui is treated in this episode, and it’s one of the few times so far in the show where I felt a little uncomfortable dealing with the risky elements of the show.  There’s been a lot of debate about whether the fan service on the show is either smart or tasteless, and I fall into the prep camp about 80% of the time.  I think this is because in most of the previous cases so far, the show makes it clear that shots highlighting certain body features come from the point of view of a specific character (that is, fitting outfits for different body types).  is somewhat unavoidable for a show about. ), and the reactions are generally felt in character.  It also helps that Kitagawa, the show’s primary subject for his fans shoots up to this point, is an overall confident character who doesn’t mind people paying attention to his physique.  That being said, what happens with Inui in this episode is almost the exact opposite, and there were a moment or two where I felt really uncomfortable.  I’m not a fan of slipping into the bathroom and reluctantly flashing her private parts as this character is prominently introduced, even when it makes logical sense given the way the events played out.  This puts both him and Gozo in an uncomfortable position, which neither of them asked or consented to.  It also doesn’t help that the episode drags the whole “you look like a middle schooler” joke longer than it ever needs to.  I love that the show is showcasing different types of bodies;  Not only will this make Gozo give more experience as a craftsman, it also highlights that people of all different shapes and sizes can indulge in cosplay.  I really hope the show starts to be a little more thoughtful about how it moves its riskier elements.

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