One Cut Two Cut Kannada Movie Review and Official Trailer | Entertainment

One Cut Two Cut Kannada Movie Review and Official Trailer | Entertainment
One Cut Two Cut Kannada Movie Review and Official Trailer

One Cut Two Cut Movie Review and Official Trailer: Danish Sait’s charm keeps this rib-tickling comedy afloat

I am sure you will agree with me that without Ramamurthy Aware and Gopi and Chetta, it would have been difficult for the company to cope with the COVID-19 lockdown.  And, Danish Sait, who came up with these unique personalities who got away with saying nothing, is back on Amazon Prime with One Cut to Cut, as Gopi, much loved on Vootselect from his humble politician Nograj.  Just a few weeks after it premiered from.

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Unlike Nograj, who is a scheming and quite a gray character, Gopi is a (sic) all things innocent and sweet.  He loves to make crafts and paper birds and flowers and even a paper guns and a mask.  A cut here, a cut there, and he even breaks into a song.

What happens when Gopi goes to an abandoned school in the suburbs, where all the kids from all the classes are locked in a room, impersonating himself as a professor of arts and crafts?  And what happens when he is busy speaking with an overdose of ‘A’ and four people, including one with a gun, (a) come across in masks with art resembling Mr. Salvador Dali?

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Prithviraj (Prakash Belawadi), the group’s leader, is an out-of-popularity newsreader, Gurudev (Manosh Sputnik Sengupta), a retired defense man from Shivamogga, Ayaan (Vineet Beep Kumar) a struggling stand-up comic and Neha (  Roopa Muthurayappa), vegetarian who throws in the only delicious thing about lunch.  They meet on Twitter and decide to protest against random things, but the four-man protest ends in a darshana hotel where they argue over the merits of idli with chutney or sambar!

One Cut Two Cut is based on Danish charm.  The actor-writer has a lovely screen presence and is able to pull off this distinctly over-the-top character without looking like a(n)caricature.

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The writing, penned by Danish and director Vamsidhar Bhogaraju, is spot on, and these bring out the biggest laughs.  Nothing was spared – a popular Instagram-er in a sari and sneakers is hula hoop, streets are being dug up as part of the smart city plan, vegetarianism, lunch-no-egg protests, and intermittent  A delicious take on the fast – and the gags keep coming at you.

And then there is Prakash Belawadi, who is having the time of his life on OTT – this legendary actor of his caliber now has a national audience.  As Prithviraj, who once beat Amitabh Bachchan in that AIR voice test, remains a voice on the radio, and who has grown into an old man harboring a strong dislike for Amitabh Bachchan, he lit up.  goes.  There is also a happy moment of laughter mentioning Amitabh, wait for it.  And, of course, his Gabbar-like ‘Aap goli khao’ line.  Sakth Maaja, only.

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The film has a lot of strands for its nearly 90-minute run time, and that’s its biggest shortcoming—Danish and Nagweni have a flashback (Joint Horned, also referred to in the hula hoop scene)—in real life, her  Moral encountered police while cordoning off a park), a terrorist angle, a radar rift Team Angle, secretary to the chief minister Angle, and a TV reporter out looking for a story.  It is impossible to do justice to everyone in that time.

But, the film’s heart is in the right place – Gopi demands good food for the students, clean toilets, fans in the classroom and more, after taking a bullet in the back to save one of the ‘terrorists’ from the government.  Teachers should be paid well and on time.

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The film is somewhat endearing in that it refers to people living in areas like Byatarayanapura (that too two, not one) and away from urban Bengaluru, which is often seen in Kannada cinema.  The scene where the Crack team and we learn that the two are byayanpur, is beautifully filmed and edited (including Anand PC, cinematographer, editor and co-screenwriter) and, it takes a delightfully dig at all those who’  Kannada insists on ‘Gothila’ (Don’t know Kannada) and go all bhaiya.

There are a few lines written around food delivery apps, and the line from the Crack team chief, ‘Let’s roll’ will never mean anything again.

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Nakul Abhyankar’s music meets the film’s requirements, and Kannada Bhangra is quite the earworm.  Wait for the Light-Hearts and Credits to fully roll out, though, for a few more smiles.  This is the first film of late Puneet Rajkumar’s PRK Productions after his demise.  The co-producer title is shared by his wife Ashwini Puneeth Rajkumar and Guruduth A Talwar.  Had he been around, Puneet would have been incredibly proud of his Danish.  Because giving the green light to a project of about 90 minutes speaks of his confidence in the team.  It is Puneeth’s thought process that the Kannada industry will continue to miss for a long time to come.

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