Samsung Galaxy S22+ and S22 Ultra’s 45W charging doesn’t really matter | Technology

Samsung Galaxy S22+ and S22 Ultra's 45W charging doesn't really matter | Technology

The 45W charging capacity of the Samsung Galaxy S22+ and S22 Ultra is insignificant

Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series finally boasted increased charging speeds after being left in the dust by most Chinese competitors.  The two bigger members of the new Galaxy S22 lineup claimed to offer 45W of wired charging speed, while the vanilla S22 retained the 25W of its predecessor.

In the last few years, the industry is growing at a fast pace when it comes to charging speed.  You can get a midrange phone with 65W charging from competitors, while flagships from brands like Xiaomi and Vivo have already crossed the 100W limit.  So while 45W isn’t a big deal, it’s at least a big step up.  Also, a valid point can be made that the tradeoff in battery capacity is not worth a few saved minutes after a certain point.

I wish those 45W were also only present in marketing materials, so it doesn’t matter.

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So how do the brand new S22+ and S22 Ultra fare in terms of charging speed?  Our review team put the pair to good measure through our charging tests using three chargers – the original Samsung 45W and 25W chargers as well as third-party 65W PD chargers.  Note that two of Samsung’s chargers support both Power Delivery (PD) and Programmable Power Supply (PPS) standards while the third party solution is only PD certified.  Let’s check.

We can see that the Galaxy S22+ reached 62% charge after 30 minutes with a 25W Samsung brick and a mere 64% when using 45W.  What about the S22 Ultra, you ask?  He reached a 61% charge after 30 minutes on a 25W charger and 60% with a 45W brick.  Our third-party 65W PD charger managed to fill the Ultra’s battery by 65% ​​during the same amount of time, but those results are all within the margin of error.

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A full charge from 0% on the S22+ takes 1:01 hours with the 45W charger and just over a minute more with the 25W charger.  A full charge starting at 0% on the S22 Ultra with the 25W charger took exactly 1:04 hours while the 45W brick completed the task in 59 minutes just 5 minutes quicker.  The 65W PD third-party charger took 1:02 hours.

What does this mean?  Well, Samsung’s claim of a 45W charging rate is completely misleading in that when paired with an original Samsung charger, it doesn’t offer any real tangible advantage in terms of charging time over the 25W solution.

To make matters worse, Samsung was in the exact same situation with the Galaxy Note 10+ in 2019.  The company then dropped the claim of 45W charging on the Note 20 Ultra.  After restoring it with the S22+ and S22 Ultra, we thought it learned from its mistakes and corrected it this time.  Alas, once again the specs sheet check writes that real-life performance can’t be redeemed.

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Two important conclusions emerge from this.  The first is that if charging speed is what matters to you then the Galaxy S22 series will be as disappointing as the Samsung flagships that came before them.  Like the last two years, you’ll need an hour to get a full charge.

The second is that it doesn’t make sense to spend $50/€50 on a 45W Samsung charger if you get the S22+ and S22 Ultra.  A 25W brick will really do the job for only $20/€20.

Our full review on the Galaxy S22 series is coming soon, so expect more details about charging and every other aspect of those phones.

Source: Michael, GSMArena

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