The Cursed (2022) Movie Review, Trailer, Cast, and Watch Online | Entertainment

The Cursed (2022) Movie Review, Trailer, Cast, and Watch Online | Entertainment
The Cursed (2022) Movie Review, Trailer, Cast, and Watch Online

Review, Trailer, Cast, and Online Streaming of The Cursed (2022)

• Written and Directed By: Sean Harris

• Cast: Kelly Reilly, Boyd Holbrook, Alistair Petrie, Uhm Ji-Won, Roxanne Duran, Nigel Bates, Stuart Bowman, Gary Oliver, Richard Cunningham, Simon Kunz, Aina Rose Daly, Amelia Crouch, Tom Sweet, Max McIntosh, Tommy Rodger, Sean  Mahon, Mish Boyko, Paul Bandey, Alun Raglan, Oisín Stack, Annabel Mullion, Jicey Carina, and Rebecca Calder.

Summary Of The Cursed 2022

In rural 19th-century France, a mysterious, possibly supernatural threat threatens a small village.  John McBride, a pathologist, comes to town to investigate the threat—and banish some of its demons in the process.

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One of the first images in The Cursed (which you may know from last year’s Sundance for its much cooler, more attention-grabbing title Eight) depicts a post-World War I skirmish (Battle of the Somme)  where wounded soldiers are incidentally and are being graphically dissected in the background.  Yes, it’s an R-rated film, but it’s not the only time the level of violence and gore on-screen gives a feeling of unarmed shock.  It also doesn’t mean that The Cursed (written, directed, and shot by Sean Harris) is a gun solely for shock value, as for brutality with creative twists on werewolf mythology (like What Happens)  Too many inventions.  People turned into animals by being bitten).

There is also a person among the injured who has a silver bullet inside.  Elsewhere, it seems a woman is returning home after having lost someone, using a happy photo to go back 30 years.  Admittedly, it’s not the most essential framing device, though it does give a nifty reveal during the climax.  Nevertheless, Sean Harris introduces the audience to the Laurent family in rural France, beginning with the emotionally distant, ruthless Seamus (stricken by calculated selfishness and obstinacy by Alistair Petrie), his neglectful wife Isabel (Kelly Reilly) and  He is blessed with young children Charlotte and Edward.  (Amelia Crouch and Max Mackintosh, respectively).

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In the following terrifyingly captivating sequence, Seamus denies a legitimate land claim that his loyal subordinates have slaughtered a Romantic community.  Sean Harris also chooses to shoot burns and kills with an overhead extended tracking shot that lasts long enough to relieve the discomfort of nausea without feeling exploitative and unnecessary.  They also happen to conquer a superstitious herd, holding a set of silver teeth that can be either a weapon or a form of protection.  Whatever the case, Seamus has one man’s organs severed so that he can be hung and effectively turned into a human scarecrow and the other woman can be buried with the artifacts.

As penance for their heinous crimes, the Laurent clan begins to have nightmares about overtaking the land, but where they do not fully understand what is happening (aside from Seamus, who is blamed for his actions).  There is no crime).  Knowing the location of the dream, children also start playing in the forest.  It’s also not that long ago that one of the boys decided to dig up the burial site and try on what are essentially werewolf teeth.  As you can imagine, nothing good comes of this.  It’s really surprising that kids or not, no one is safe from being torn and crippled on a screen.

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Later, The Cursed makes a slightly slower shift to focus more on the adults, notably Seamus James McBride (Boyd Holbrook, who is effectively playing someone with a dark and formulaic past with a calm and existential wit.  ) an out-of-town pathologist.  Find the missing Edward.  Some children, including Charlotte, have also made a pact not to speak about what happened, but despite their words and reasoning (as the biblical passage refers to where the silver is from), there is no guarantee that  No one would listen even if they did.  It’s also worth noting that this middle section deviates somewhat, mostly because the characters are capturing what the audience knows and not necessarily the lack of atmosphere on the part of the filmmakers.  If anything, The Cursed is shrouded in constant eerie mystery as folklore changes.

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It’s also clear that James knows more about the situation he’s in leading up to, but even when he confronts Seamus to learn of his disturbing actions,  He says that he did nothing wrong.  As a result, The Cursed is somewhat of a morality game, making the case that some of these characters deserve what’s coming to them as much as we want them to kill the beast (and ultimately, the beast).  As more characters are put in danger, and more loved ones are attacked, the weight of Seamus’ actions continues to weigh him down, leading to a terrifying performance from Alastair Petrie.

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Admittedly, there’s nothing original about the specifics of the plot, but it skillfully tackles notable practical effects and even half-decent CGI for the werewolves.  It doesn’t matter that the computer-generated effects aren’t completely equal, Sean Harris knows full well that to maximize terror, it’s best to avoid showing the creature, and even better, block it.  To be clever with doing it whenever it’s displayed.  The Cursed is a pulse-pounding, horror work that should stand as one of the genre’s best for the year when all is said and done.  It is ruthless and visceral in terms of character and violence, and extremely tense as a silver bullet.

Source: Robert Kojder, Flickering Myth, Direct News 99

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