The Fallout Movie Review, Trailer, Cast and Watch Online | Entertainment

The Fallout Movie Review, Trailer, Cast and Watch Online | Entertainment

‘The Fallout’ Review, Trailer, and Cast: Jenna Ortega and Maddie Ziegler Explore Queerness and Trauma Together

Wada, the head of The Fallout, played by debutante star Jenna Ortega, is just a normal high school student.  She listens to loud music in the car with her best friend, Nick, and they stop for Starbucks when they are already running late for school.  She has a younger sister who loves her and talks like Kitty Covey.  She jokes about poop.  It’s all just a normal day in normal life, until it happens.

When gunshots roll through the hallways of Vada’s high school, she ends up trapped in the bathroom with Mia (played by Maddie Ziegler of Dance Moms and Bad Seiya movie fame), an Instagram-famous dancer.  Before the shot played, Vada was making fun of Miya and was messaging her best friend.  But that was two minutes ago, when things were normal.  Now, the girls await the assault on the toilet stall together, potentially the last person the other will ever see.

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It is to the credit of the film that we never get to see any of the shootings, only the girls can sit in horror as they – waiting as they go to find out what will decide their fate.  .  It’s a very effective choice, one that made me jump out of my skin when the bathroom door opens and the two girls are joined by a bloodied boy, Quinton – he says it was his brother, and Mia screams straight.  Is in the toilet bowl, on the fancy shoes he threw in there to better hide.

The rest of the film, as the title suggests, is what happens after that.  Vada withdraws from her family, from Nick (whose response to the shooting is to campaign for greater gun reform, including appearances on major news networks), and from school.  The option to shoot the film in close-up is also extremely effective: Vada’s entire world is in pieces.  Her only consolation is in sending a message to Miya, who arrived after the attack and went numb like a vada.

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The two girls have nothing in common, except that the most important thing really happened to them, and they cling to each other for that reason.  With Miya, Vada just might – no one is telling her to be okay, no one telling her how strong she is or what a terrible thing has happened to her.  Mia knows.  Mia was there.  With Miya, in their fancy spacious house without parental supervision, one can drink vada and smoke and even crack some really hilarious jokes.

That’s the thing about trauma, about dealing with the fallout, it’s never-ending sadness.  There are moments of rhetoric, time for a morbid joke and for being so silly that you forget (for a while) that anything bad has happened to you.  Jenna Ortega handles those two vocals incredibly cleverly for such a young actor.  In an instant, she’s dead behind the eyes as she promises her mom she feels better, and then she’s reunited with Mia and delivers a hilarious monologue, one minute at a time.  A mile is talking and admitting that she thinks the weed they smoke is making her annoying.

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The script cleverly allows for both types of moments, sometimes one after the other.  According to the Notes app on my phone, I shed tears 6 times, and I lost count of how much I laughed, sometimes through tears.

Mia and Vada depend on each other, and Quinton, while they adjust to their new realities as funeral-goers who can’t return to school.  When Vada finally tries to return, it has disastrous consequences (although the day she decides to ecstasy is an extraordinary scene in the film, the limit of Jenna Ortega!) The children around Vada return to their normal lives.  The days go about again, feeling fine, and then there’s the one who can’t use the bathroom at school.

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I wish the film had given more detail about the general mood of Vada’s school.  I rarely felt like I understood if Vada was reacting like most kids, or if his politically upbeat friend was Nick.  Don’t know how much time has passed, how many children took leave from school, how much time it took.  Is Vada struggling more than the other kids, or just differently?  In PTSD treatment, other people’s timelines really, really don’t matter.  In the movies, though, they can!

In the end, there are successes.  Vada and Miya have a connection.  Vada tells his mother what is happening to him, finally talks to his sister, yelling at the side of a mountain with his father.  Vada opens up to her therapist (played by Shailene Woodley, inexplicably, which gave me a real jump-scare).  After escaping from Mia post-hookup, Vada sees her again and Miya tells her that she is about to go back to dance class, avoiding them since the shoot.  They joke and decide not to ruin their friendship, then hug back.

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In a different film, it must have bothered me that there has been no major reveal about what it means to have a relationship between Vada and Miya.  In this film, however, it felt like something else was happening in Vada’s world, and I only wanted him to do what he liked best.  Again, I could be biased, calling her “my angel,” “my literal born baby” and “my sweet babe” in my notes by the end of the movie.

The Fallout isn’t an expected movie, of course.  It doesn’t end right after Wada’s successes, smiling at his new future.  That’s not really how healing happens.  It ends on a reminder that these traumatic events keep on happening, hurting new people and potentially drawing back someone who has already done something terrible.  But the film leaves you with the hope that someday the vada will be fine.  Hopefully someday, they all will be.

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