The Great Indian Murder Web Series Review, Trailer and Cast | Entertainment

The Great Indian Murder Web Series Review, Trailer and Cast | Entertainment

Review, Trailer and Cast of The Great Indian Murder Web Series

THE GREAT INDIAN MURDER is the story of a high-profile murder in the Indian capital.  Vicky Rai (Jatin Goswami) is a spoiled rich brat, the son of Jagannath Rai (Ashutosh Rana), the Home Minister of Chhattisgarh.  The other members of her family are her stepmother Sandhya Rai (Parinitaa Seth) and her stepsister Ritu Rai (Rucha Inamdar).  In 2018, Vicky is involved in multiple controversies.  She calls the famous actress Shabnam Saxena (Paoli Dam) in Delhi and asks her to stay in a suite reserved by him.  She assumes that he wants to sleep with her.  However, when she arrives at the hotel suite, Vicky brings in her African client and asks Shabnam to spend time with the client.  Shabnam is furious.  She gets into a fight with Vicky and leaves the room.  Vicky kicks Shabnam in the hotel hallway.  Some hotel guests record videos of this altercation and it goes viral.  Vicky then gets two girls from her Chhatarpur farm for the African client.  The next day, Vicky finds out that both girls are dead.  She tells her men to dispose of the bodies.  Unfortunately, the police stop the car and discover the bodies.  Vicky is arrested.  The case continues for 3 years and in 2021, Jagannath Rai manages to bribe the officers and plant false evidence.  Vicky Rai is acquitted.  She decides to throw a party on November 23, the day he was implicated in the case.  At this time, Jagannath is in a political crisis.  Due to Vicky’s controversies, he had to resign as Home Secretary.  Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Shashikant Vohra (Kenneth Desai) won’t let her take over the Home Office even after Vicky’s acquittal, as elections are only a year away.  Jagannath decides to separate from the government and form his own alliance.  He wants to buy MLA from the ruling party.  However, Shashikant Vohra warns all millionaires in Chhattisgarh not to help Jagannath financially.  With no other choice, Jagannath Rai asks Vicky for help.  However, Vicky refuses, angering her father.  Hundreds of people attend the day of the party at the farmhouse.  As the party is in full swing, Vicky is suddenly shot and killed.  The security team and police instantly seal off the venue and begin frisking each and every guest.  They catch a waiter, Munna (Shashank Arora), who is carrying a knife.  The other person arrested is an Andaman tribal man, Eketi (Mani PR), who is carrying a gun.  The case is transferred to the CBI and Suraj Yadav (Pratik Gandhi) is given the job.  He asks Delhi policeman Sudha Bharadwaj (Richa Chadha) to help him on the case.  Suraj and Sudha are puzzled as to why Munna or Eketi would want to kill Vicky Rai.  As they investigate, they also realize that there is one more suspect: Mohan Kumar, former Chief Secretary of the IAS (Raghubir Yadav).  Meanwhile, Suraj is under pressure to change the narrative of the Vicky Rai murder case.  On the other hand, there is a mysterious vlogger who posts several videos about Vicky Rai and her murder case.  He seems to have a lot of inside information.  What happens next forms the rest of the series.

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THE GREAT INDIAN MURDER is based on the book ‘Six Suspects’ by Vikas Swarup.  The story is intriguing and has a lot of potential for a great whodunit.  Tigmanshu Dhulia, Vijay Maurya and Puneet Sharma’s script is simple and flows very well.  There are too many characters, but the script is written in such a way that the audience can easily understand what is going on.  However, many changes are made from the content of the novel.  Some of the developments in the book were much more interesting and should ideally have been preserved.  Also, the answers to some of the questions are never revealed.  Tigmanshu Dhulia, Vijay Maurya and Puneet Sharma’s dialogues are sharp and conversational.

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Tigmanshu Dhulia’s leadership is effective.  He was not in top shape in some of his latest movies like SAHEB BIWI AUR GANGSTER 3 [2018] and MILAN TALKIES [2019].  Here, he handles such an expansive story and numerous characters with finesse.  He never once allows the narrative to get too complex, even though there are so many suspects, points of view, motives, etc.  Kumar being kicked out of his lover Rita Sethi’s (Himanshi Choudhary) house, Suraj Yadav’s lunch with Vicky Rai’s media advisor Sharad Jalan (Kumar Kanchan Ghosh), Suraj’s conversation with Munna in the cell, etc.  It also tackles issues like racism, caste division or how women are mistreated, that too with pride, in some parts of India even today.  On the other hand, some developments are not shown at all and are conveniently omitted.  For example, viewers are never told what happened to Eketi in Jaisalmer and how and when she got to Delhi, or why the African client killed the girls at Vicky’s farm.  It’s also puzzling that Suraj and Sudha didn’t know about Ashok Rajput’s (Sharib Hashmi) angle on Eketi’s case and didn’t even bother to find out initially.  The other development that is not explained is how exactly a man like Munna courted the wealthy Ritu Rai.  The character of Arun Deshmukh (Amey Wagh) is also puzzling, especially the backstory of him.  One development that is hard to digest is that so many party guests took video and some of them even captured the shooting.  However, not a single video was leaked;  it is too lame, especially in the times we live in.  Finally, the climax is the biggest disappointment.  It is sudden and abrupt and does not answer some of the important questions.  A second season is probably in the offing.  However, it is sure to disappoint those who will see a conventional conclusion to the show.

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Speaking of acting, Richa Chadha is in good shape and shines in some scenes.  Pratik Gandhi is top notch and makes his ruthless character different from his performance in SCAM 1992 [2020].  Jatin Goswami is a great find and will surely benefit from this series.  Ashutosh Rana, as always, is trustworthy.  Mani PR is excellent and gets adequate screen real estate.  The track of him is quite moving.  Shashank Arora, as usual, gives a worthy performance.  Raghubir Yadav is the surprise package of the series.  Some of his scenes are sure to bring the house down.  The Paoli Dam is surprisingly wasted.  The show starts with her and then she is completely forgotten about.  Sharib Hashmi is not constantly present but nevertheless his cast and his skillful acting add a lot to the show.  Amey Wagh is decent, but her character suffers from a lack of backstory.  Himanshi Choudhary gives a confident performance.  Kumar Kanchan Ghosh is fit for the role.  Guneet Singh (Inspector Manjot) is great and adds to the laugh quotient.  Deepraj Rana (Prithvi; Jagannath’s henchman) does well in a small role.  Nikita Grover (Prerna; Arun’s girlfriend) makes a mark and so do Ronjini Chakraborty (Champi), Ashish Shukla (Brijlal; Mohan Kumar’s driver), Hemant Mahaur (Billu Biryani) and Sakshi Benipuri (Ashok Rajput’s bhabhi).  Parinitaa Seth, Rucha Inamdar, Kenneth Desai, Moss Ali (Michael Busari), Vineet Kumar (Ambika Prasad; Minister of Delhi), Vivek Mishra (Guru Atmadev), and Rajat Bhagat (Lallan; Munna’s friend) are doing well.  Madhuri Bandiwdekar (Shanti; Mohan Kumar’s wife) and Rushad Rana (Prateek Bharadwaj; Sudha’s husband) don’t have much reach.  Debu Da (Kali Prasad Mukherjee) has a twinkling appearance and one wonders why she is there in the series.  Liam Macdonald (Larry Page) is also missing.  His character is very important in the book but here his presence is insignificant.  Lastly, credit must also go to the casting director Mukesh Chhabra for the excellent casting.

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The music fails to leave its mark.  ‘Jaane Re Mann’, ‘Bhagad Bille’ and ‘Mon Amour’ are relegated to the background.  The theme ‘The Great India Murder’ is catchy and the opening credit video is well presented.  Ketan Sodha’s background score is shocking.

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Rishi Punjabi’s cinematography is excellent and the interior and exterior shots in Delhi, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Andaman, Chennai etc.  They are well captured.  Dhananjay Mondal’s production design is very rich.  Tulika Dhulia’s wardrobe is well researched and very attractive in the case of rich characters.  Vikram Dahiya’s action is realistic and bloodless.  Unnikrishnan P P and Prathamesh Chande’s editing is acceptable but too fast in some places.

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Overall, THE GREAT INDIAN MURDER keeps you hooked from start to finish and is built on some excellent performances.  However, some questions remain answered.  Also, the ending is too abrupt and could disappoint a part of the viewers.

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