Essex TikTok sensation Sam Ryder has been revealed as the UK Eurovision entry with the song Space Man | Entertainment

Essex TikTok sensation Sam Ryder has been revealed as the UK Eurovision entry with the song Space Man | Entertainment
Essex TikTok sensation Sam Ryder has been revealed as the UK Eurovision entry with the song Space Man | Entertainment

UK Eurovision entry revealed as Essex TikTok sensation Sam Ryder with track Space Man

Social media star Sam Ryder, who rose to fame for covering hits by the likes of Adele, Michael Jackson and Blondie, has the honor of representing the UK at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest.

Social media star Sam Ryder will represent the UK at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest.

The news was announced by Eurovision superfan Scott Mills on Greg James’ Radio 1 breakfast show on Thursday morning.

The 31-year-old Essex native has amassed 12 million followers on TikTok after entertaining fans with catchy covers from artists like Adele, Michael Jackson and Blondie during the entire pandemic.

In making the announcement, Scott told the audience: “We need to get behind our act this year because everyone else does.

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“Stop ridiculing – even if you don’t like it,” he went on.  “The more we follow this person and the more we all get together, like we would England or Scotland or Ireland in the Word Cup, the more we can impress how well they are known overseas.

“I believe this is our best shot in years,” he said.  “Europe doesn’t see competition the way we do and that has to change.”

Sam will perform Space Man on May 14 at the Eurovision Finals in Turin, Italy, featuring soaring vocals and lots of falsetto.

Britain will be hoping for better luck this year, having finished at the bottom of the leaderboard in 2021.

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Singer James Newman finished last with zero points, the second time this has happened to Britain.

Addressing the embarrassment, Scott said: “Yes we haven’t done well lately, but that is partly because in the UK we are not behind our act. And we need to because everyone else does.  .

“They look at us in Europe and think, ‘Why aren’t they supporting their act? We are!’  We need to be proud.

“Let’s be positive.”

Hopeful Sam has already garnered a huge fan base and was the most viewed UK artist on TikTok in 2020.

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Her breakthrough moment came when she posted a version of Britney Spears’ hit Me Baby One More Time, which saw her staring at the likes of Justin Bieber and Alicia Keys.

Sam’s cover What’s Going On, 4NonBlonds has garnered 55 million views.

Speaking after the announcement today, Sam said: “Having been a fan of Eurovision since I was a kid, I’m so honored to have the opportunity to sing at an event with some of Europe’s most talented creators, artists and songwriters.  to be provided.

“I hope to bow my head in a way the UK can be proud of, and to show a song I wrote with my friends last summer made the whole experience even more special. See you in Turin legends !”

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Rumors began to swirl that Sam would represent the UK as he had canceled several gigs in the run-up to Eurovision.

He also axed a gig in Glasgow, scheduled for the next day.

Following the change in schedule, Sam will now tour Europe ahead of the ceremony to raise support for his campaign.

He has booked several festival dates after the competition, including the Victorious Festival in Portsmouth in August.

Source: Lucy Needham, Mirror, Direct News 99

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