Google is finally able to kill YouTube | Technology

Google is finally able to kill YouTube | Technology
Google is finally able to kill YouTube 

Google has finally been successful in eliminating Youtube

If you don’t particularly like the official YouTube app, there are several alternatives you can use. One of them is YouTube Vanced – a modified version of the original app that adds ad blocking, background playback and more without hindering users like premium users of YouTube. We have also included it in our list of best standalone apps that you can get. When Google removes videos from its service, it continues to gain popularity by recovering the number of dislikes in the video. Note that we introduced you to the previous mode. Because we are here to mourn the loss of YouTube Vanced.

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The people behind the project announced on Sunday on the app’s official Telegram channel and Vansad Twitter account that the app would be shutting down. No clear reason was given as to why it was removed, so we can only speculate — but probably because of a notice from Vanced, Google’s legal team. The tech giant recently cracked down on two popular unlicensed clients, namely Groove and Rhythm, for listening to music on a single server. Content that was removed after sending a cease and desist letter to a YouTube developer is not a big leap to imagine something similar happening here.

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The benefits of YouTube Vanced have attracted some ardent supporters. The app unlocks or bypasses a number of advanced features like background playback and ad blocking, and adds features YouTube doesn’t like, such as the annoying dislike counter. Recently, the app changed its name to “Vansed” and removed most YouTube references from its website – probably to avoid a legal battle with Google.

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Vanced has never been the only alternative YouTube app. Others include the open source NewPipe, which is lighter than the official app. But YouTube Vanced’s user base is huge, and we’ll miss them. It’s no longer updated, but you can still get the latest version though. Hurry up – the download link will disappear shortly.

Source: Arol Wright, Android Police, Direct News 99

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