Review of the Bestseller Web Series: A thriller minus the intrigue that oversells and under delivers | Entertainment

Review of the Bestseller Web Series: A thriller minus the intrigue that oversells and under delivers | Entertainment
Review of the Bestseller Web Series: A thriller minus the intrigue that oversells and under delivers

Bestseller Web Series Complete Review: A thriller minus the intrigue that oversells and under-delivers

A bestselling author’s search for inspiration ends when he meets a superfan.  As he envisions the sequel to his only bestseller, his past unexpectedly comes back to haunt him.

  • Director: Mukul Abhyankari
  • Cast: Mithun Chakraborty, Shruti Haasan, Arjan Bajwa, Gauahar Khan, Sonali Kulkarni, Satyajit Dubey
  • Genre: Thriller
  • Language: Hindi
  • Platform: Amazon Prime Video

Writing a bestseller is no easy task, as Arjan Bajwa, who plays a hit wonder writer Tahir Wazir, eloquently explains in the opening episode of Amazon Prime Video’s latest original.  However, recreating a bestseller seems like even more difficult especially for the makers of this series.

Unlike its source material, Ravi Subramaniam’s 2017 novel The Bestseller She Wrote, its web series adaptation titled ‘Bestseller’ is inferred from the word go.

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A decade after his best-selling novel, Tahir Wazir is struggling to find inspiration for his next novel, for which he has already made great strides from his publisher.  Always ready for a massage of the ego, eager to please the super fan Mithu Mathur grabs his attention with his story on which he decides to base his next work.

As Meetu, a small-town girl from the majestic, played by Shruti Haasan, feeds the imaginations of Tahir’s next bestseller with her painful story, another fan on social media decides to rip off her reputation after a brawl  And his first victim is MeToo.

A dad who is in love with ACP Lokesh Pramanik jokingly takes this cyber crime case as his last and starts digging into everyone’s past and present, Tahir’s secrets to hunt him down in those ways.  Come what they had not even imagined.

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For a thriller, the bestseller is coming forward with details.  You can actually smell the big twist unfolding on screen miles ahead.  While it seems to attempt to keep things straight and stay in tried-and-tested territory, it translates exactly as it was intended when viewing.  The bestseller starts on a fairly melodramatic note which is mercifully eased later.  The performances of Shruti Haasan, Gauahar Khan, staged Dubey, Arjan Bajwa and of course Mithun Chakraborty, which runs for eight episodes, ties the whole thing together through all the predictability and drama.

While Shruti’s shy demeanor as Meetu Mathur seems a bit off at first, the actress easily sells it as you go deeper into the series.  Gauahar Khan is playing the role of Tahir Wazir’s wife Mayanka Kapoor, who is an accomplished ad filmmaker, through the series.  His character, though simple, is hardcore, but is the most effective.

Arjan Bajwa is committed to his part as a cocky writer who will go to any lengths to keep his ‘bestselling author’ aura bloated – even creating a fake fan account that  Looks down on others.  While his character begins to seem relatively flat at one point, the flaw lies in the narrative that rests on his ego.

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The series tries to sell Satyajit Dubey, who plays a marketing intern and software expert kid, as the bad guy in the first few episodes, which he finds unsuitable for the role.  However, the second half balances it well and the actor ends with a flourish.

Mithun Chakraborty deserved better as ACP Pramanik.  The veteran star whose back story and talent had to be literally pronounced by another must be trusted to display a wider range of emotions than skeptics telling daddy jokes and interrogating with Keema Pav  Was.  Mithun played his part as expected but could definitely have been a huge asset to the story.

The bestseller is the best one to watch, especially if you don’t like thrillers without surprises and want to stick with tried and tested.

Source: Arunita Tiwari, Desimartini, Direct News 99

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