The Vamps James McVey reveals I’m a celebrity who has outgrow body image issues: ‘You’re never satisfied’ | Entertainment

The Vamps James McVey reveals I'm a celebrity who has outgrow body image issues: 'You're never satisfied' | Entertainment
The Vamps James McVey reveals I’m a celebrity who has outgrow body image issues: ‘You’re never satisfied’

The Vamps star James Brittain-McVie still feels pressure around the way he looks

The Vamps Star James Brittain-McVie Says I’m A Celebrity… His Time on Get Me Out of Here! His body image issues escalated.

James, 27, appeared on the ITV reality series in 2018 alongside former football manager Harry Redknapp and actors John Barrowman and Emily Attack.

Giving evidence during the House of Commons Health and Social Care Committee, the singer and guitarist said: ‘I was feeling extremely confident in that show, I came out 6 kg lighter than that show, and when my wife saw me she Shocked, almost scared how sick I looked.’

He added: ‘However, I immediately thought I looked good again. I had a six pack in a way I didn’t for 10 years since the start of my issues with food and mental health.

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‘I think without realizing it, I still had unanswered demons in my head about my body.

‘That show was great for a lot of reasons but it also pushed me to focus on myself physically more than ever.’

They also discussed the impact of body image on physical and mental health.

Speaking to the committee, he said: ‘At that time there was a big fashion trend of these big American surf style companies that came to the UK and inspired many young people to follow a certain body, lead a certain life.

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‘I had a shopping bag in a guy’s bedroom torn up on a beach in Malibu and I find myself unconsciously thinking every morning that I need to look like this.

‘I think social media encouraged me to fall further down that rabbit hole. When I wake up in the morning, the first thought that comes to my mind is ‘Should I eat that, will I be able to go to the gym?’

The musician said he ‘struggled to feel a sense of belonging within social groups’ and underwent fat-removal surgery at age 19 over insecurities about his breast tissue – despite having 6% body fat .

‘One of the biggest misconceptions, in my opinion, is that people are assuming this is a step to vanity, it was not.

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‘I think there was a degree of self-destruction in my mind about how I looked, and the pressure to conform to those stereotypes and gender constructs and to look a certain way my whole life before I realized This was controlled by the chase.’

‘You’re never satisfied. You think you’ve reached a certain point and you’re done, but there’s always one more thing you can do or some other supplement you can take and the next step for me at 19 years old is liposuction Had to,’ he said.

James said social media, advertising and billboards still put pressure on him to feel like he needed to look a certain way.

‘Even though I’ve been in this world for 15 years, I still feel pressure to look a certain way and that’s why I worry about a lot of my fan base. How on earth are they to feel comfortable within their own skin if you go to these apps where you’re constantly scrolling you see another person who looks a certain way.

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‘I worry about generations to come and that’s why I think we need to crack down on that for it to be acceptable in advertising.

‘We need to have a transparency where the models we see are bodies that represent society, not this small demographic which is completely unacceptable.’

James said he would “like to see a world where companies want to market to people who represent the majority, not the small percentage of unreliable body image”.

The musician joined The Vamps in 2012 and the band scored their first major hit in 2013 with Can We Dance, which peaked at number two in the UK charts.

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Their third album, Night and Day, topped the album charts in 2017.

Source: Lowenna Waters, Metro, Direct News 99

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