Wolff despised watching Drive to Survive on Netflix | Entertainment

Wolff despised watching Drive to Survive on Netflix | Entertainment
Wolff despised watching Drive to Survive on Netflix | Entertainment 

Wolff hated watching Netflix’s Drive to Survive

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has admitted he hates watching Netflix’s Drive to Survive series and said it was “scary” how much access he has.

Plans for the wildly popular series were first announced in March of 2018 and the show’s subsequent initial season debuted the following year on the streaming service the same month.

It became a hit and saw a huge influx of fans for the game, but there are others within the paddock who are not enthusiastic about the way in which they were portrayed.

Defending world champion Max Verstappen declined to participate in the sit-down interviews that make up the majority of the show because he believes the show creates a “false narrative”.

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Now Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has admitted that when he first saw the show, he hated it.

“I’m watching it — episode one, episode two — and I hate it,” Wolfe told the Irish Independent.

“Now we are participants. We slowly grew into it. I never wanted to have a camera in my face. It comes with my work and I need to talk about cars and the business side of Formula One But suddenly you realize that it has become so big with new audiences, young audiences everywhere in the world.”

The 50-year-old, whose relationship with the number opposite Red Bull’s Christian Horner has become a growing narrative of the show and is set to feature heavily in the upcoming season, said it was “horrifying” how many is allowed to come closer.

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“You hate to see yourself out there. They create a spin to the narrative. They put together scenes that didn’t happen. I think you’ll say as an insider, well, this is different from that’s how it was.

“But we’re creating entertainment, and that’s a whole new dimension of entertainment.”

Wolff also commented on the ongoing situation in Ukraine, saying that while he was sad the Russian public would not be able to see his country’s drivers under the Russian flag, he said they could not ignore the attack.

“I grieved for the Russian public who enjoyed watching Formula 1,” he said.

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“And a population that probably has no interest in geopolitics or any of that. But we as a society, we cannot ignore that.

“Even a sports team. We’re commercially driven, and it’s an attractive place to race, but at a certain level you have to say, ‘Even and not anymore.'”

Source: Sam Cooper, Planet F1, Direct News 99

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