Criciúma women’s handball goalkeeper is called up for the Brazilian Youth Team | Sports

Criciúma women's handball goalkeeper is called up for the Brazilian Youth Team | Sports

The Cricima women’s handball goalkeeper has been selected for the Brazilian Youth Team

The Brazilian women’s handball team will have another athlete from the Municipal Sports Foundation (FME) of Criciúma/Unesc/Associação Criciumense de Handebol Feminino (ACRIFH).  Goalkeeper Letícia Pires, 17, was called up for the training phase of the Youth team that will participate in the South-Central American Handball Championship.

The athlete, born in Brasilia, started in the sport at the age of 10 and was stopped for the last two years, due to the pandemic.  She arrived in the Criciumense team in February.  “Even with the period stopped, she did not lose her talent and potential. We had been monitoring her for a long time, and since she arrived she has been training hard and being monitored by the youth team”, says the president of ACRIHF, Camila Souza.

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In 2018 Letícia had already been called up for two training phases of the children’s team.  “Having the opportunity to represent my team and the country is something very gratifying. It is proof that all the effort and dedication with women’s handball is worth it. I hope to be able to give my best at this stage and win the spot in the main team for the competition”, says the athlete.

For the president of FME Criciúma, Neto Uggioni, the second call-up of the sport in 2022 reflects the dedication of the athletes.  “We are very happy with each achievement of our women’s handball. We follow the training daily and how much they give themselves to the sport”, he emphasizes.

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She travels to São Bernardo do Campo, in São Paulo, on April 18, where she joins the team for the training phase.

Collaboration: Manuela Silva |  FME Criciúma

Source: Kunal Thakur, Direct News 99

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