New online course to combat the infodemic

New online course to combat the infodemic | Education
New online course to combat the infodemic 

The new WHO online course dedicated to Infodemic Management 101 is now available on the platform

Thanks to this online training, anyone can learn the basics of managing the infodemic, anytime, anywhere.  A dozen global experts explore the growing field of infodemic management activities, explaining how to combat the spread of misinformation and design human-centered interventions to empower people and communities.

A Course For Everyone

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This new introductory course is for anyone interested in understanding what an infodemic is, how it dramatically affects public health, and what we can do about it now and in the future.  Currently available in English, the self-paced course introduces participants to managing the infodemic through five modules that address managing the infodemic, misinformation, fact-checking in a health crisis, theory of inoculation and the design of interventions.

Practical Skills and Achievement Record

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It also allows students to develop and practice new skills out of the box thanks to three skills labs dedicated to:

  • Analyze the nature, origins and spread of misinformation
  • Check the content of photos and videos online
  • Use social listening tools

At the end of this free course and after successfully completing the final quiz, participants receive an achievement record and a digital badge to share.

Over 13k Students – Join The Community

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This easy-to-follow introductory course is now available.  The skills and knowledge will help everyone find ways to become an infodemic manager in their daily lives and champion infodemic management in their daily work.  Share the news with your network to help increase literacy about managing the infodemic within health systems and beyond!

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OpenWHO is WHO’s interactive web platform, accessible to everyone from anywhere, that offers free online courses for people preparing to work in epidemics, pandemics and health emergencies or for those who are already doing so.  It offers easy access to a variety of trainings (even with low bandwidth), now including managing infodemics.

Source: World Health Organization

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