Nintendo Switch welcomes you to ‘Spokeo Square’ sports overview | Games and Technology

Nintendo Switch welcomes you to 'Spokeo Square' sports overview | Games and Technology
Nintendo Switch welcomes you to ‘Spokeo Square’ sports overview

Welcome to the ‘Spokeo Square’ sports overview on Nintendo Switch!

The Wii Sports sequel introduces you to seven new reasons to accidentally throw away your Joy-Con.

Nintendo Switch Sports is almost here, and in the lead-up Nintendo has released a full overview of the various modes and games the game has to offer, as well as some post-release plans.

According to the trailer, Nintendo Switch Sports will take players to Spokeo Square, a gym-like sports complex that serves as the main menu of sports games.  Tennis, bowling, and Chambara (formerly known as “Swordplay”) returns from Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort, which includes football, volleyball, and badminton.  (The seventh, Golf, will be added as free DLC this fall.)

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In Overview, optional gameplay twists and multiplayer modes are also featured – for example, bowling will feature the option of special lanes with obstacles to bowl, and “Survival Bowling”, which allows 16 players to be randomly selected for a bowl.  will match – closed.  Playing Nintendo Switch Sports will reward players with customizable items for their avatars, called Sportsmates (Miis can also be used).

The trailer also includes motions that are registered as in-game actions.  Please note the protestors’ chill demeanor, and how relaxed their actions are.  Think about how nice and event-free life would be if everyone imitated him perfectly every time we played.  Great, isn’t it?  No one is going to do that.

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Nintendo Switch Sports launches on April 29.

Source: Joshua Rivera, Polygon, Direct News 99

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