The 18 most popular online professional certification programs on Coursera, led by companies like Google and Facebook | Education

The 18 most popular online professional certification programs on Coursera, led by companies like Google and Facebook | Education
The 18 most popular online professional certification programs on Coursera, led by companies like Google and Facebook

Coursera offers online certification programs from major employers like Google and Facebook

You can be job-ready for desirable entry-level roles in a matter of months.

These are Coursera’s most popular certificates, from project management to data analysis.

One of the most enduring attractions of taking an online class is the simple and affordable gateway it can provide to a new, higher-paying, more stable career.  An added bonus of completing an online course or program is earning a professional certificate—a recognition you can add to your LinkedIn profile, resume, or CV to show future employers your competence and initiative.

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Unlike master’s degrees or bootcamps, online professional certificates are typically shorter, more flexible, and a fraction of the cost of traditional continuing education.  Entry-level certificates also typically require no prior knowledge or degrees to enroll.

Coursera, one of the most popular online platforms, offers a number of professional certification programs through major employers such as IBM, Meta (f.k.a. Facebook), Google, and Amazon Web Services, often taught by experts from those companies.

Most Coursera programs are self-paced and cost between $39 and $49 per month, so the faster you finish, the more you save.  (If your career goal requires you to take multiple programs, or you really plan to take your time completing coursework, you might also consider a Coursera Plus subscription if it saves you money.)

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Below, you’ll find the 18 most popular entry-level certificate programs on Coursera.  Class objectives range from job preparation for data science roles to successfully passing the Intuit Certified Bookkeeping Professional exam.  Some programs even give students who have completed the programs access to an exclusive career network that connects them with dozens of employers.

Coursera’s 18 Most Popular Entry-Level Professional Certificates Right Now

Google Data Analysis

Learn how to tackle the daily responsibilities of a junior or associate data analyst by gaining key skills like data cleansing, data analysis, and data visualization with tools like Tableau and programming languages ​​like R and SQL.

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Google Project Management

For those seeking entry-level project management roles, this program explains the basics of Agile project management, focusing on Scrum events, artifacts, and roles.  Students also learn strategic communication skills through real world scenarios.

Google User Experience Design 

This program covers a broad overview of the design process before going into the fundamentals of UX design and having students complete a UX portfolio of three projects: a mobile app, a functional website, and a cross-platform experience.

Google IT Support

Learn the skills needed to apply for entry-level IT jobs, from completing IT support tasks such as computer assembly, wireless networking, program installation, troubleshooting, debugging, and customer service.

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IBM Data Science

Build career-relevant skills in data science and machine learning.  Note: You do not need previous knowledge of computers or programming languages.

Facebook Marketing Analytics

This early career program teaches students marketing analysis skills to take them from beginner to job-ready.

Google IT Automation with Python

To advance your IT career, learn Python, Git, and automation skills, including managing IT resources in the cloud, writing Python scripts, and troubleshooting IT issues.

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IBM Data Analyst

Develop the skills needed for entry-level data analyst roles through the eight-class course.  You’ll gain hands-on experience with data manipulation and analytical techniques and use data analysis tools such as Excel, SQL, Python, Jupyter Notebooks, and Cognos Analytics.

Facebook Social Media Marketing

This five-course professional certificate program is designed for social media marketing beginners to be equipped for entry-level roles.  You’ll create and analyze an effective advertising campaign for your target audience, create a creative brief, establish and manage a social media presence, and use Facebook Ads Manager to refine your ads.

IBM Cyber ​​Security Analyst

Throughout eight courses, students acquire the technical skills to be prepared for the position of cybersecurity analyst.  You will gain incident response and forensic analysis skills using real-world cybersecurity case studies and gain knowledge in data protection, endpoint protection and SIEM, as well as systems and network fundamentals.

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Intuitive Accounting 

Gain the skills you need to launch a career in accounting, whether you’re in public accounting, private industry, government, or a nonprofit organization, and pass the Intuit Certified Bookkeeping Professional exam.

SAS Programmer

This course prepares you for the SAS Base Programmer certification, including learning the fundamentals of the SAS programming language, accessing and preparing different types of data (SAS, Excel, Text), and applying SAS programming principles in practical examples.

Salesforce Sales Operations

Learn the fundamental Salesforce skills needed to launch a career in sales operations, including building reports, charts, and dashboards in Salesforce;  use Salesforce Sales Cloud Lightning to manage accounts and explain how CRM works in appropriate contexts.

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Salesforce Sales Development Representative

This five-course program helps students develop job readiness skills for entry-level Sales Development Representative (SDR) positions.

IBM Full Stack Cloud Developer

This program will teach you how to master full-stack and cloud-native development through hands-on projects using HTML, JavaScript, Node.js, Python, Django, containers, microservices, and more.

IBM Data Analytics with Excel and R

Master the data analysis and visualization tools needed to transform data into information and insights with Excel and R.

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IBM Data Engineering

This six-course program is designed to build the skills and portfolio you need for a career as an AI or ML engineer.

IBM Applied AI

This AI program is a good starting point for a career in AI.  Among other things, you will learn how to create AI-powered solutions using IBM Watson AI services, APIs, and Python with minimal coding, as well as how to develop custom image classification models and deploy them in the cloud.

Source: Mara Leighton, Business Insider

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