Top 8 AngularJS Courses for Beginners and Advanced Users | Education

Top 8 AngularJS Courses for Beginners and Advanced Users | Education
Top 8 AngularJS Courses for Beginners and Advanced Users 

Want to dive into AngularJS to master your web development skills?  Here are the best online courses you should check out

AngularJS is unquestionably one of the most versatile front-end development JS frameworks in existence.  It helps you to deploy highly aesthetic and feature-packed websites that are future ready to meet the changing needs and tastes of the users.

To get the most out of this language, it is essential to learn the nuances from the experts and hone your skills to meet the ever-increasing demand for web development.  Each of the eight courses listed below will guide you through the details of AngularJS and what it takes to become one of the best website developers in the market.

1. Angular – The Complete Guide

Angular – The Complete Guide is a terminally updated course offered on the Udemy website.  This course will help you build contemporary applications with Angular 13, one of the latest versions of the Angular Framework.

You’ll learn the components of data binding, deep-dive instructions, TypeScript, NGRX, complex state management, and dependency injection.  Additionally, you can master the creation and deployment of Single-Page Applications (SPAs) to expand your skill set.

There are 22 easy-to-follow sections and 463 lectures spread over 34 hours and 7 minutes.  The course is available in multiple languages ​​and is widely adopted by organizations like Nasdaq, NetApp, Eventbrite and many more for employee training.

2. ng-book: The Complete Book on Angular

ng-book: The Complete Book on Angular is a comprehensive AngularJS guidebook.  The book teaches readers about Angular annotations, strong-typing, and the annual updated syntax conventions.

Learn about using Angular’s built-in components, creating data architectures with custom components, controllers, views, Observables, and RxJS, Angular APIs, hybrid Angular apps, webhook lifecycles, and more within Angular programs.

The contents of the book focus on how to tie these fundamentals together using one of the most resourceful JS frameworks within modern web development.  The ng-book angular guide remains a faithful companion for advanced users looking to refresh their knowledge.

3. Angular Crash Course for Busy Developers

Udemy, one of the largest online learning platforms, has developed Angular’s crash course for busy developers.  This is a quick, short course for time-constrained developers who want to learn about Angular 4 (version 2+) Essentials.

Here, you will learn to develop apps with sophisticated front-end features as per the current business requirements with Angular version 4.  This includes Angular 4 app architecture, Web Pack, TypeScript, event-based data handling, reusable components, reactive forms, HTTP.  Service consumption, routing, navigation, and more.

Learn how to troubleshoot common runtime Angular 4 bugs with this ten-hour course.  As a free bonus, you can access additional content up to the limit of your current course, along with 10 hours of content.

4. The Complete Angular Course: Beginner to Advanced

Udemy offers more than just a crash course in Angular with its native The Complete Angular Course.  The course is over 29.5 hours long and consists of 376 lectures.  Its structure is ideal for novice programmers familiar with basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Start the course with negligible knowledge of Angular 1 and 2.  You can learn Angular TypeScript, directives, template-driven forms, reusable components development, routing, and navigation.  It includes a demo project to assess your understanding of clean, maintainable Angular code development.

The course is specially designed for you, especially if you are building your credentials from a beginner and building your career as a professional Angular developer.

5. Angular Front to Back

Udemy’s comprehensive Angular Front to Back course introduces you to more of the fundamentals of Angular 5.  The course’s 73 lectures and 11 hour long classes consist of modules that strengthen your Angular 5+ SPA development concept.

You will gain a deeper understanding of Angular 5+ app architecture and programming logic.  As an Angular-focused course, Angular Front to Back will give you the basic knowledge to develop real-time client management applications, complete with Firebase integration and security authentication.

The curriculum has certificates of recommendation from reputed brands such as Volkswagen, Box, NetApp, and more, as they have adopted it for employee upskilling.

6. Angular and NodeJS – Mean Stack Guide [2022 Edition]

Angular & NodeJS – MEAN Stack Guide [2022 Version] Comes with 151 lectures and a minimum runtime of 12.75 hours, which helps you master Angular + NodeJS even if you start with basic JavaScript, HTML and CSS  We do.

You will be building an optimistic web app with advanced error handling client and server-side routing.  This will additionally teach you how to enhance Angular apps with Express, MongoDB and Mongoose for backend data interaction.

This course teaches you how to build a modern mean-stack app with image file input, pagination, user authentication, authorization, and other in-demand features.  Once done, you can easily integrate any modern, Angular-based front end with a NodeJS back end.

7. Front-end JavaScript Framework: Angular

If you already have a beginner-level Angular knowledge, then Angular is just for you, a front-end JavaScript framework.  It will build a solid foundation in scalable and highly responsive, full-stack web development.

The Angular Specialization Certification on Coursera gives an overview of Angular front-end development with TypeScript, Angular Services, Routing, Forms, Reactive JS, and Client-Server Communication.  This 36 hour course includes a self-paced learning model for the learners.

Additionally, this course teaches you how to build a full-stack SPA with Observable and RxJS in an Angular context.  It features angular material and angular flex-layout for responsive UI/UX design.

8. Angular: The Big Picture by Joe Emas

Angular: The Big Picture by Joe Emas is a Pluralsight course that helps learners understand custom Angular development.  As a web developer, you will explore business use cases where the framework is beneficial to gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest Angular syntax conventions, APIs and available tooling.

You Can Complete This Crash Course in 50 Minutes;  After completion, you will have in-depth knowledge of Angular concepts like one-way data flow, dependency injection, zone.js and change detection.

The course touches on Angular server-side rendering, mobile and native frameworks, AOT compilation, and other relevant concepts.

Best Angular Courses for Web Developers 

As a web development language, Angular has become the preferred choice for developers.  Ideally, if you really want to master AngularJS, you’ll need to start with the basics first.

There are some great resources on the web that give you a good idea of ​​the nuances of AngularJS.  All of this can greatly help you become an experienced web developer.

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