World Equestrian Games change format in their 9th edition | Sports

World Equestrian Games change format in their 9th edition | Sports
World Equestrian Games change format in their 9th edition | Sports

In their ninth edition, the World Equestrian Games adopt a new format

The event is renamed ECCO FEI World Championships, and is scheduled for the cities of Herning, in Diamarca;  Pratoni del Vivaro and Verona, Italy

The ‘Horse World Cup’, which takes place every four years, will undergo reformulations as of this year’s edition.  Now, the event will no longer bring together in the same place all the modalities sanctioned by the FEI – International Equestrian Federation.  Also, it will no longer be called World Equestrian Games.

The ECCO FEI World Championships, the event’s new name, is scheduled for August 6-14 at the MCH Messecenter Herning in Herning, Denmark.  On that date, the Jumping, Dressage, Paraequestrian and Vaulting worlds will take place.  Stutteri Ask Stadium hosts Dressage and Jumping, while Vaulting takes place at Jyske Bank Boxen and Paraequestrian Dressage at BB Horse Arena.

From the 15th to the 25th of September, it will be the turn of the World Championships for the Complete Riding and Driving Competition (CCE) in Pratoni del Vivaro, Italy.  Ending with Enduro, on October 22nd, also in Italy, but in the city of Verona.

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In all disciplines, the best horses and riders in the world in activity will compete fiercely for the gold, silver and bronze medals, by team and individual.  According to CBH – Brazilian Equestrian Confederation, approximately 800 horses from 70 countries and about 200,000 spectators are expected in the first stage in Denmark.

The explanation for the replacement of the old format of the World Equestrian Games or World Equestrian Games (WEG) was the difficulty in maintaining the complexity of the infrastructure of an event of this size in the molds and standards they were used to.

Most likely because of this, the FEI started to deal with a shortage of cities wanting to host the events.  So, the entity opened it up so that interested cities could bid in separate modalities instead of all eight disciplines.

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From 1990 to 2018, the World Equestrian Games took place every four years, in a climate very similar to the Football World Cup.  This decentralized format (World Cups on different stages and countries) was also used by the FEI in 1953.

Brazil at the World Equestrian Games

Team Brazil has been sending teams to the World Equestrian Games since the first edition in 1990, in Sweden.  The sport with the highest number of participations is Jumping.  In fact, until the 2018 edition, in the United States, it was the only Brazilian medal in the competition.

Rodrigo Pessoa won gold in the Individual riding Gandini Lianos in 1998, in Italy.  One of the most famous names in this equestrian sport, he collects, among others, three Olympic medals: individual Olympic champion in Athens (2004), Bronze for teams in the Olympics in Atlanta (1996) and Sydney (2000).

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In Dressage, the best campaign in the country was in North Carolina, in the United States.  Two more medals for the Brazilian team with two silvers in Paraequestrianism by Rodolpho Riskalla riding Don Henrico.  A set, by the way, that has been shining in international competitions, such as world and Paralympic Games.

To form the teams of each country in each modality, the FEI has a partnership with the local federations and confederations.  In Brazil, it is through the Brazilian Equestrian Confederation that horse and rider can qualify for Team Brazil.

The rigorous selection process observes the performance of the teams in obtaining indices and technical evolution in the last two years before the games.  Also remembering that this world competition is a qualifier for the following Olympics.  In this case, France 2024.

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The History of WEG

The creation of the event in the 90’s aimed to show the power of equestrian sport to the world.  As a curiosity, it was Prince Philip of England (In Memorian), who presided over the FEI for 22 years, who supported this competition format.  But it was in the tenure of his daughter, Princess Anne, president of the FEI from 1986 to 1984, that WEG became a reality.

The year 1990 was marked by the holding of the first FEI World Equestrian Games in Stockholm, Sweden.  In addition to this country, the event has already been held in six others: The Hague (Holland), Rome (Italy), Jerez de la Frontera (Spain), Aachen (Germany), Kentucky and North Carolina (United States), Normandy (France).

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Participating in WEG, now ECCO FEI World Championship, are Jumping, Dressage, Paraquestrian Dressage, CCE, Endurance and Vaulting.  All composing the four from the beginning.  With the exception of Para-Dressage, which entered in 2010. Rédeas, which entered in 2002, was part of the FEI until 2018, but has been out since 2021.

In a post-General Meeting resolution, published in November last year, the FEI excluded Redeas due to incompatibility in the business model with the NRHA – National Reining Horse Association, the entity that governs this modality globally.  There have been several conversations and meetings since 2019, but the two entities have not reached an agreement.

Source: Kunal Thakur, Direct News 99

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