Best Email Marketing Tools and Tips to Write Result-Oriented Email Marketing Copy | Education

Best Email Marketing Tools and Tips to Write Result-Oriented Email Marketing Copy
Best Email Marketing Tools and Tips to Write Result-Oriented Email Marketing Copy 

Best Email Marketing Tools and Writing Tips for Result-Oriented Email Copy

Marketers utilise email marketing tools to build, deliver, analyze, optimise, and evaluate on email marketing campaigns. An email service provider, or ESP, such as Project Monitor, is one of the most popular email marketing platforms. Campaign Monitor allows organisations to design attractive emails, automated excursions, and send personalised messages to their consumers, all while improving their relationship with them.

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Every Marketer should be aware of the following  Email Marketing Tools

You must use email promotional tools to optimize your procedures to run a successful campaign. The following are the most important 7 factors that influence the success of your business:

Providers of Email Service (ESP)

One of the most significant email marketing tools is an email service provider (ESP). The following are some of the most well-known ESPs:

Constant Touch

Offering capabilities including automatic product suggestions and shoppable emails, this is the greatest email marketing service for e-commerce. Monthly subscriptions begin at $20.


Sendinblue seems to be ideal for small firms who need to send out specific email advertisements. It includes a CRM, live chat, including SMS, among many other capabilities. The first month’s fee is $25.


B2B email marketing necessitate a platform created exclusively for B2B buyer journeys. Pardot is a wonderful match for this role. Furthermore, expect to pay at least $1,250 per month to develop high-growth email campaigns with Pardot.

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Tools for ensuring delivery

This capacity of such an ESP to effectively implement emails to recipients’ inboxes is known as email deliverability. An email deliverability tester is a must-have for every savvy email marketer. A selection of such finest are as described in the following:


This program scans your emails suspected spam traps. This may be used to conduct deliverability checks to guarantee that your emails get in the inboxes of your intended recipients. MailGenius seems to be a tool that is available for free.


GlockApps displays true service information, such as whether your email was sent to the Inbox, Spam folder, Promotional or Social tabs in Gmail, or was never delivered at all. Subscriptions for individuals are free, and charges increase from there.

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Tools for Tracking and Monitoring

You may generate optimal iterations of your campaigns by testing and measuring the campaign performance. What are the finest email marketing tools for tracking and testing?


Litmus allows you to test and monitor the email messages in both standard web browsers as well as major portable devices.

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Tools for Customizing Email

Use a personalization tool to take your personalization game beyond merely utilizing your recipients’ names.


Hyperise is the best tool for tailoring email marketing campaigns. It allows you to add dynamic, unique graphics to every one of the emails, including social media profile photographs.

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How to Write Result-Oriented Email Marketing Copy?

It all comes down to email marketing text, no matter what your aim is.

1. Be aware of whom you’re speaking to

Knowing your target demographic is the first step in writing effective email marketing text. It’ll also allow you to categorize the group more effectively and write more hyper-targeted email text.

2. Write a subject line that is difficult to overlook

One of the crucial aspects of email text is the subject line, which helps readers determine why not to open your message.

3. Make sure your preview text is correct

The subject line shows below or below the email preview content. It functions as an executive summary to get people to read your email, and it’s limited to a maximum of 140 characters. The value proposition is reinforced by an optimized preview text, which is an extension of your subject line.

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4. Keep everything as simple as possible to understand

Every one is occupied. As a result, you must compose the email text in such a way that it is simple to read and comprehend.

5. Use story-telling to your advantage

Articles are an effective approach to capture the attention of your audience and promote your business. This is also why, in your email copy, you should use narrative.

6. Take Advantage of Psychology

Humans are pre-programmed to respond in certain ways. Make use of psychological triggers to guide your audience toward achieving the campaign’s goals.

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