Machine Learning helps Rubrik increase Data Security | Technology

Machine Learning helps Rubrik increase Data Security | Technology
Machine Learning helps Rubrik increase Data Security 

Rubrik improves Data Protection with Machine Learning

In a redesign of its core data protection platform, Rubrik Security Cloud includes new features, such as machine learning, to better predict cyber attacks and recover faster.

Rubrik unveiled the use of machine learning to better detect and protect against ransomware as part of an overall rebranding of its data protection platform.

At this week’s Rubrik Forward 2022 conference in San Diego, the vendor highlighted its new data observation engine that relies on ML to quickly discover when user data has been compromised. Rubrik also added a Data Security Command Center feature to its data protection platform to help ensure customers follow best practices for data protection.

The data protection platform was rebranded as Rubrik Security Cloud, emphasizing the importance of security and providing data protection services for data on-premises, in the cloud, and in software-as-a-service (SaaS) products such as Office 365.

Ransomware attacks are top of mind for the C-suite these days, according to Anneka Gupta, product manager at Rubrik. She said companies need to plan for possible attacks and how they will recover when an attack occurs.

“The CIO world and the CSO world are starting to collide,” Gupta said.

Rubrik is repackaging what it offers in data protection while expanding capabilities and offering a consistent and holistic way for customers to manage and remediate data risks, she said. Rubrik Security Cloud is now generally available with new enhancements available this summer.

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A New Way to Detect Problems

Rubrik added ML to its Data Observability engine to monitor data usage and better detect anomalies and spikes in backup or encryption activity, according to Phil Goodwin, an analyst at IDC.

“[ML] can detect data attacks in ways that may never have been seen before,” Goodwin said.

The engine provides forensic analysis of compromised data to help organizations find when, how and where the attack occurred, Goodwin said. Data can be quarantined in a logically isolated cloud vault and analyzed away from operational data.

“Once you understand the nature of the attack,” she said, “you can strategize how to recover.”

Goodwin believes that Rubrik is the first data protection company to use ML for anomaly detection in cyber security and cyber recovery products. But he added that ML and artificial intelligence (AI) are still in their early stages for data protection and Rubrik’s application is likely the first step of many and will help companies develop more than just a security posture. defensive, he said.

“We’re fighting an inherently defensive action; the bad guys find some way to attack us and we find some way to defend ourselves,” she said.

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Rebranding and Expansion

Rubrik Security Cloud is a remake of the vendor’s product that focuses on data observability, data resiliency and data recovery, Gupta said. Security Cloud builds on the provider’s zero-trust data protection service and adds new features such as the Data Observability engine and the Data Security Command Center.

The Data Security Command Center allows users to see their overall risk score as an organization, Gupta said. The feature looks at how many security options, such as multi-factor authentication, are enabled and where. Data Security Command Center also provides visibility into whether security features, such as the Data Watch Engine, are implemented across all user data.

Rubrik Security Cloud is a stand-alone product rather than a makeshift product of backup and recovery from one vendor and sensitive data discovery from another, Gupta said.

“We already have all your data; we’re backing it up and seeing how it changes over time,” she said. “This gives us unique insights when it comes to ransomware research.”

Rubrik Security Cloud is a unique product that can be purchased as a basic, commercial or enterprise edition depending on the terabytes protected and the features required.

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