Smart Data, Social Networks and Augmented Reality for the Health Sector Success | Technology

Smart Data, Social Networks and Augmented Reality for the Health Sector Success | Technology
Smart Data, Social Networks and Augmented Reality for the Health Sector Success 

Smart Data, Social Networks, and Augmented Reality for the Success of the Health Sector

Aproa Experience, born in the TecnoCampus, offers marketing and commercialization solutions to laboratories and distributors of medical materials with advanced innovation technologies.

Ensuring the supply of medicines and medical supplies is now one of the top priorities for governments to deal with the coronavirus crisis.  In this pandemic context, companies in the health sector need to have an optimal marketing strategy to sell their products.

Aproa Experience (Aproa) is a specialized consultancy in the health sector, born in the TecnoCampus technology and university park, which helps manufacturing laboratories and distributors of medicines, medical supplies and diagnostic equipment to market their products in the most efficient way possible. through analysis and creative strategy proposals that allow optimizing sales processes.

“Data is needed for a good marketing strategy. We have an agreement with KBOX SalesTools, a company specializing in sales intelligence, which allows us to have a commercial analysis tool equipped with artificial intelligence, to identify where the business of the product is. customer wants to market. In this way, the strategy is segmented and the best solution is offered for sale”, explains the CEO of Aproa, Àlex Espinosa.

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Social Health: Health in Social Networks

Social networks are a communication channel as well as a showcase that can be put to commercial use.  This is how Aproa sees it, which has developed “Social Health”, a technological tool based on LinkedIn to boost company sales.

“We use the social network as a channel to create a personal brand for the company that wants to market the product,” explains Espinosa.  “Thus, Aproa accompanies the methodology and strategy to identify followers who have an interest and influence in its product, whether by prescribing, administering or using it,” he points out.

This tool also contemplates the training of the company’s commercial team in terms of LinkedIn.  The idea is that marketing professionals can get the most out of the initiative and the platform, in addition to orchestrating the sales action of the specialized product in the health sector.

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Augmented Reality in times of coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has oversaturated hospitals and health centers, so access to them has been restricted and limited.  However, hospital equipment and products are still operational, which means they may need installation, maintenance or repair.

In this context of blocked hospitals and closed accesses, Aproa offers virtual technical assistance for hospital products or equipment through augmented reality.

The emergence of 5G enhances augmented and virtual reality, allowing remote mentoring of both diagnostic and surgical procedures (telestration), and real-time communications in critical decisions.

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“With the collaboration of Vision, a company that uses virtual tools to communicate with customers, you have virtual access to the hospital where you can provide installation, maintenance and repair assistance by interacting in real time with the person who is already inside the hospital. center”, indicates Àlex Espinosa.

In this way, access problems to hospitals due to the coronavirus and the risks involved in the circulation of external people are avoided.

Future Challenges

“Aproa wants to provide a tailor-made solution for clients in the health sector. To do this, it translates the tools that are available to any sector and gives it a sectoral perspective to adapt them to the health sector,” says Espinosa.

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The long-term aspirations of the consultancy are to expand the portfolio of new products and projects that facilitate its task: to provide a winning strategy identification service for Aproa’s clients.  Thus, the objective is to add commercialization and marketing tools that give the maximum optimization of the client’s strategy.

Courtesy: Kunal Thakur, Direct News 99

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