Snapchat’s Newest Feature: Virtual Reality Shopping | Technology

Snapchat's Newest Feature: Virtual Reality Shopping | Technology
Snapchat’s Newest Feature: Virtual Reality Shopping 

The New Snapchat: Shopping in Virtual Reality

The future of shopping will be in virtual reality.  Snapchat gets down to online commerce by revealing a novelty.  Dubbed Dress Up, this feature allows you to try on clothes in augmented reality.

Snapchat Groups is rolling out online shopping and unveiled a new shopping experience at the Snap Partner Summit 2022.  This innovation, called ‘dress up’, would allow users of the social network to try on clothes in virtual reality before potentially buying them.  Single Click.  “Dress Up brings together the best of fashion and augmented reality experiences from designers, retailers and fashion brands,” Snap said in a press release.

A function available in Lens Explorer, which aggregates effects used on social networks, “and soon one click from the camera in the AR bar”.  Snapchat users will be able to take a photo of themselves to search for costumes and other items found in “Dress Up.”  A practical aspect that facilitates the presentation of the product.

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Designed to promote online shopping, the feature will also provide a way to add recently viewed items to cart and complete checkout.  An opportunity for all brands on Snapchat.  “Any brand of lenses will be considered for dress up if available in their brand profile,” Snap said.

The Snap Group recounts the success of the lens in VR with its users.  “Since January last year, more than 250 million Snapchat users have used AR Shopping Lens more than 5 billion times, experiencing branded products and retailers around the world.”

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Augmented Reality that brands use

Snapchat, YouTube, or even Pinterest have already rolled out “try-on” tools in VR to try on makeup or even fancy accessories from their platforms.  The technology is now pervasive in brands’ websites and apps.

The Puma brand is also the first Snap partner to use “Camera Kits for AR Shopping” technology, which will allow shoppers to virtually try on sneakers before buying them directly from its site.  The technology is first available on apps on Android and iOS, and will soon be rolled out to websites.

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