The top 4 cryptocurrency trading applications for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and cryptocurrencies | Cryptocurrency

The top 4 cryptocurrency trading applications for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and cryptocurrencies...
The top 4 cryptocurrency trading applications for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and cryptocurrencies 

The top 4 cryptocurrency trading applications for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and cryptocurrencies

Although the validity of cryptocurrencies in India is still increasing day by day, you may make money by investing in digital currency. Regulators have finally opened the door for businesses to launch their ventures, and this has resulted in the development of several cryptocurrency exchange apps in recent years that allow you to invest in cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and others using your smartphone rather than large, heavy machines like laptops. But first, let’s define cryptocurrency exchange applications. Before we get into the list of best online cryptocurrency exchange apps to try in India (together with their features and costs), let’s define cryptocurrency exchange apps.

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What exactly is the aim of a bitcoin exchange app?

For the uninitiated, cryptocurrency exchange applications provide instant access to a variety of cryptos on the market and allow you to trade (buy and sell) them while on the go. Laptops are not required for crypto mining. Instead, these applications make it easier for you to trade cryptos and get involved with decentralized digital currency networks. Anyone may sign up, and the mobile app layout is designed to be simple to understand. On the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, you can get crypto exchange applications for Android and iOS phones.

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The Best Crypto Exchange Applications in India

1. WazirX

You may have lately heard this name mentioned a lot on social media, indicating that it is quite popular. You may invest using INR, USD, BTC, and even P2P using this cryptocurrency trading software. WazirX even has its own currency, WRX, which can be purchased using Indian rupees. After that, you may invest in other cryptocurrencies using WRX. One of WazirX’s most popular features is the ability to win coins by participating in various contests found in the app’s information section. Users can protect their accounts with two-factor authentication (two-factor authentication) or an app passcode, both of which can be activated in the phone’s settings. WazirX charges a 0.2 percent fee to both the taker and the creator. You may use NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, and UPI to deposit any amount greater than Rs 100 in the WazirX wallet. The first three charge Rs 5.9 per transaction, only UPI transactions are free.

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2. Unocoin

Unocoin is the next cryptocurrency on the list, and it’s noted for its user-friendly design and support for a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Uno coin is a cryptocurrency that allows you to send and receive money secretly. A user must create an account and ensure that all KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements are met before signing up for the app. The app also has a function that allows you to plan sales from your profile tab. Uno coin customers pay 0.7 percent in fees when buying and selling their assets, which is more than WazirX. This price is good for a minimum of 60 days of usage. The software then asks for a 0.5 percent fee and also upgrades you to a Gold membership. Uno coin deposits need a minimum of Rs 1,000, which is more than WazirX’s requirement. When depositing money via NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, or UPI, customers are not charged any fees. However, using MobiKwik wallet incurs a 2% transaction charge, and you must additionally pay a fee stipulated by the banks when using debit or credit cards. Biometric security measures such as finger ID and password are also available on Uno coin. However, if you enter the erroneous code combined with your biometric ID, the app will automatically log you out.

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3. CoinDCX

CoinDCX is widely regarded as the country’s most flexible cryptocurrency trading program. It allows you to purchase and sell a variety of trade coins totaling more than 200. Furthermore, the entire setup procedure has been streamlined by utilizing a one-time password (OTP) sent to your registered cellphone number and email address.

You may learn a lot about cryptocurrency investments and how they work in the virtual world by going to the app’s Settings menu. CoinDCX has a 0.1 percent maker and taker fee, with a Rs 1,000 minimum withdrawal limit. To allow you to deal in cryptos, this cryptocurrency trading software only accepts INR. CoinDCX includes a complete set of security controls, which is a positive thing. To begin, users must utilize the Google verify app to prove their identity. You won’t be able to trade on the app unless you have this. You’ll also need to create a withdrawal password, which must be validated each time you make a withdrawal.

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4. The Zebpay

Zebpay is a bitcoin exchange service that you may be familiar with. It’s one of the most well-known cryptocurrency trading apps on the market. It allows you to start trading by signing up and providing full KYC credentials using your cellphone number. The platform supports the refer-and-earn program. So, if you can persuade people to join Zebpay by selling the notion of crypto trading, you’ll gain 50% of all trading fees generated through your connections for a year. The minimum deposit amount for UPI is Rs 100, and the minimum deposit amount for other kinds of payments is Rs 1,000. All brackets of Zebpay include charging fees. It charges 0.0001 BTC as a monthly membership fee. The app claims that if you actively invest in it, you may avoid paying fees. Zebpay charges a maker fee of 0.15 percent and a taker fee of 0.25 percent. However, if you purchase and sell on the same day, you will only be charged a 0.10 percent trading cost. All cryptos are accepted by Zebpay for free. However, there is a cost of Rs 15 if you deposit through UPI, while net banking charges 1.77 percent. All withdrawals are subject to a fee of Rs 10 for Indian rupees, and 0.0006 BTC for Bitcoins.

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