These are the Top 5 Tips for Preparing for Board Exams within One Month and Get a 90+ Score | Education

These are the Top 5 Tips for Preparing for Board Exams within One Month and Get a 90+ Score...
These are the Top 5 Tips for Preparing for Board Exams within One Month and Get a 90+ Score 

These are the Top 5 Tips for Getting a 90+ Score on Board Exams in One Month

Welcome, everyone! We assume your Board Exam Preparation is going well. With only a few minutes remaining in the exam, you must all improve your preparation. Throughout this post, I’ll discuss the greatest methods for preparing the Boards in 30 days.

When we look at the calendar, 30 days is a relatively small period of time. However, when you are sincere about passing your Board Exams, you may make the most of this period. Let’s have a look at how!

The following are some study and preparation recommendations for every student who wants to get a score of more than 95% on their board examinations. These approaches are based on research and experience by toppers and some teachers.

These strategies may be highly beneficial for all students, not only board exam students, whether they are in school, college, or following any other professional degree, but only until they are followed correctly & constantly.

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1. Go through everything you’ve learned again

You should study less but more regularly if you want to optimize your learning (whether it’s anything like History, English, or other subjects where you have to learn more and understand less, or like Maths, Physics, or Chemistry where you have to understand more and learn less).

NOTE – Study for 25 minutes, then takes a 5-minute break, or study for 50 minutes, then take a 10-minute rest. 5–8 times each day, repeat this cycle.

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2. Develop or Understand Your Personal Learning Style

Because each student is unique, there is no need for each student’s learning to be the same. Many students like to study among their classmates, while others prefer to concentrate on loneliness.

Some kids like to study through videos, while others prefer to read books. The idea is that each person’s Learning and Understanding Style is unique. Over time, various pupils adapt to different learning styles.

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3. Studying and sleeping is a winning combo

As per the research, students who study at night and get a good night’s sleep to recall all lecture notes 35% better than students who were studying in the morning.

You shouldn’t worry about what experts say; instead, you should use your intellect to its full potential. When their children are preparing for Boards, their parents may not allow them to get enough sleep. This, however, is a bad habit.

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4. Begin with the most challenging issues

Choose a topic and make a list of all the subjects that pertain to it. Make a note of the subjects that you find difficult to grasp. Begin with the most difficult subjects. This is due to the fact that the most difficult topics frequently receive the highest grades.

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5. Do meditate and exercise on a regular basis

There are few activities that have been proved to develop your brain, but physical activity, frequent meditation, and excellent conversation appear to accomplish just that. They appear to cause the formation of new neurons in your brain, therefore increasing its potential.

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