What are the true conflicts of the Metaverse | Technology

What are the true conflicts of the Metaverse?
What are the true conflicts of the Metaverse?

Metaverse: What are its true conflicts

What is the problem with its use by corporations like Facebook.  What actually leads companies to get involved in the metaverse.  The day will come when that will be real life.

Much has been said and written about metaverses, whether they are built on blockchains, such as Decentreland (MANA) and The Sandbox (SAND), or those that will be more centralized, as in the case of Meta.  However, despite their technical differences and approaches, there is one point that they all share: offering people new virtual worlds in which to play, communicate and spend money.

For Javier Callejo, Professor of Sociology at the National Distance Education University (UNED), the metaverse is a large merchandise factory built with NFTs.  In his writings he shares his doubts as to whether this new branch of capitalism will be capable of self-regulation in a decentralized manner.  Or if, on the contrary, the most Orwellian vision of society will end up being forged.

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Obviously, if it were not for the commodifying capacity of NFTs, which point to economic opulence and scarcity of capital, in addition to the symbolism of their products such as avatars and land, large companies would not have much reason to get involved in the market. ecosystem.

Other conflicts that arise with the acceleration-blockchain led by non-fungible tokens and Play To Earn video games, beyond their economic and financial aspects, are rather cultural.

For example, will there be people, in the not so distant future, who consider the metaverses to be the true real world, leaving the away from keyboard existence simply as a physical plane where they must sleep and eat in order to connect to the network at the same time? next day?

This panorama is deepened by the creator of YouTube Low Budget Stories.  With his black humor, the author shows us what the existence of a person would be like in a time when going out on the streets is almost suicide, even when nuclear family relationships are lived in the metaverse.

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Low Budget Stories also complicates the use and price of NFTs, the inability to know who is behind a character, and the depression that physical distancing causes.  Something that, with the Coronavirus pandemic, has increased considerably.

Metaverse: The construction of the digital world 

The metaverse, understood as a new technology or technological tool, does not possess evil characters by itself.  Rather, the problems lie in its questionable use by developers, CEOs of companies like Mark Zuckeberg, and of course malicious users.

For Nicolás Muñoz, creator of Azomland Partyverso, a project that is under development and that has the support of Polygon (MATIC), the Facebook metaverse has been left with everything.  “At the time of patenting Meta, he became the villain of Ready Player One. They already made me a courtesy call from Facebook because we had used the word Meta.  Strictly speaking, they stole everything that contained this word in his name”.

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Such approaches, which are typical of science fiction works such as The Matrix and Summer Wars, remain in the background for the moment.  Something that is logical, since the decentralized metaverse is just being built on blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygon and Binance’s BNB Chain.

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