A Home Cryptocurrency Mine That Is Still Profitable: Monero

A Home Cryptocurrency Mine That Is Still Profitable: Monero
A Home Cryptocurrency Mine That Is Still Profitable: Monero

Monero – Yet A Profitable Domestic Cryptocurrency Mine

When we mention crypto mining, perhaps the main factor taken into account is Bitcoin. It employs one of the most important and difficult mining processes known in the industry. It is incredibly energy intensive and needs advanced computing equipment. So much so that Bitcoin mining is sometimes something that only big companies can afford to do. However, not all cryptocurrencies have such a troublesome mining process.

It would be hard to believe, but you will be mining a specific cryptocurrency at home, taking advantage of the hardware you currently have. You don’t have to be forced to go bankrupt to mine all the fancy mining gear. And if you can get ONE AMD GPU, that could be an added bonus. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even want to mine one of the top thirty digital currencies, Monero.

Monero (XMR) Mining Basics

XMR mining is the method of supporting transactions on the Monero blockchain. The miners get rewards in the form of XMR coins. The mining process works in a similar way to Bitcoin, except with a greater focus on privacy.

XMR mining is profitable

As of the Gregorian calendar month 2021, miners receive 1.26 XMR for each block they raise on the blockchain, with a new block being mined every 2 minutes. Depending on your CPU/GPU, this will amount to around $0.45 to $1 in profitability, per day per mining system.

Coins usually have a maximum circulation limit. For example, Bitcoin incorporates a restricted supply of twenty-one million coins. Once BTC reaches this hard cap, miners will not receive new coins for making new blocks. They will only receive the fees related to each transaction. Monero, by contrast, does not have a hard limit per se. It is normal that once the circulation reaches the eighteen million mark, the miners will get a strong and fast reward of 0.6 XMR infinitely. This is often called queuing and is intended to keep miners motivated.

Steps to mine Monero

Solo Mining 

While solo mining, you can keep the full reward. However, you will get rewards less frequently compared to mining pools.

Monero mining pools

Monero mining pools charge a 0 to 2 percent fee, and the rewards are split among all participants. Additionally, the software package you use for mining may also incur a small fee. However, you are rewarded more often during this case. Some of the most popular mining pools are:


Peer-to-peer pools or P2Pool is the Monero sidechain. It offers the best of each world: solo and group mining. It offers you frequent payouts, just like pool mining, without having to rely on a centralized pool. How to get started Here are some basic steps to follow to start mining Monero:

Get a Monero wallet

The first step is to transfer and find a wallet that will support Monero. Some options include MyMonero, Edge, Cake Wallet, Monero GUI0, Trezor, etc.

Install mining software

The public, such as XMRig or CSminer to mine Monero. It will download the software package from your website and extract the files nothing.

Selecting a pool

You may not have a powerful enough CPU central processing unit CPU central processor mainframe electronic equipment hardware to mine for yourself, so this is often the stage where you select a pool of mining.

Generate the config.json file 

In XMRig, you would like to create a file needed to start mining. It’s a simple process and there are plenty of tutorials and guidance online on how to do it.

Things to consider before mining Monero

While Monero is one of the simplest cryptocurrencies you can mine, you’ll still be able to consider whether it’s worth it. One method of traveling is to check your earnings. To attempt to do this, you need to consider your mining hash rate, energy costs, and pool maintenance fees and compare them to your rewards. Additionally, you will use an XMR mining profitability calculator to determine if it is worth it.

To create it in your favor, you may need to increase the processing speed of your device. Mining can be a game of speed; the faster you solve the puzzles, the more rewards you can earn. Solo mining with just one piece of hardware is also possible, however it may not be economically viable, in which case connecting a pool is your best option.

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