Best 8 ways to lose weight without dieting or exercising by science

Best 8 ways to lose weight without dieting or exercising by science | Food and Health
Best 8 ways to lose weight without dieting or exercising by science 

According to science, there are 8 ways to lose weight without dieting or exercising

Myth or Reality: Can you really lose kilos without dieting and without joining a gym?  It is possible, and the experts explain how to do it.

To lose weight you don’t need magic potions.  It’s as simple as consuming less than you spend.

Normally this is achieved with a diet, which reduces the calories ingested, and with exercise, which spends the accumulated ones.

Can you lose kilos without diet or exercise?  Science says yes, which is why we’ve compiled these eight easy-to-implement hacks.

It is important to realize that with the following advice we will be able to lose weight, but nobody expects to lose 20 kilos in three months.

You can lose a few pounds or keep them off, but nothing can match diet and exercise.

Although it is easy to put them into practice, you have nothing to lose by trying them and seeing what happens…

Sleep more hours and avoid anxiety and stress

It is scientifically proven that sleeping less than necessary makes you fat.

In the same way, anxiety and stress help to gain weight, because we snack between meals, eat less healthy or more, to counteract that anxiety.

Reduce the size of the plates

Sometimes we get fat because we put too much on the plates.

One trick is to use smaller plates.  even dessert plates.  We can fill them and our brain will have the feeling that we eat a full plate, although in reality we are consuming less quantity, and with it fewer calories.

Go to the whole

Change the bread you eat daily, for 100% whole wheat bread.  Do the same with the flours.

You will reduce the contribution of carbohydrates, and you will increase the fiber.

Drink a lot of water

Water is satiating, so drinking water can reduce hunger and keep you from snacking between meals.

It also hydrates cells and helps in metabolic processes, which spend calories.

If you were thinking of getting a juicer, we tell you everything you need to get the best one for you and we show you the best on the market.

Prepare healthy snacks

If you usually snack between meals, do it with healthy foods to prepare, so that later you don’t get lazy.

Peel some carrots and store them in a bowl, or keep a fruit you like handy.  Swap out the chips or chunk of cheese for a handful of nuts, unsalted, unsweetened popcorn, etc.

Find healthy snacks that you like.

Have a strong breakfast

Those of us who follow the Mediterranean diet are shocked to see how fried eggs with bacon are served for breakfast in American movies.

It may not be necessary to go to that extreme, but science says that if you eat protein for breakfast, you activate your metabolism.  and that helps burn more calories throughout the day.

Add meat, fish, eggs or milk to your breakfasts and you will put your body to work from the first hour.

Swap ultra-processed foods for natural

If you usually eat deep-frozen lasagna, prepare it yourself at home.  Instead of ordering a hamburger, prepare it with natural ingredients.

Processed and ultra-processed foods have more salt, calories, preservatives and flavorings that are more fattening than if you prepared the exact same food yourself.

Reduce sugar intake

Start by removing 10% of the sugar you use in each tablespoon.

When you get used to it, reduce another 10%.  If you eliminate sugar little by little, the body will get used to less sweet drinks, and it will cost you less.

Try all these tricks and you’ll see how you lose weight, or at least not get fat, unless you abuse.

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