Dream Job: At least 65 lakhs, work from wherever you want, a job like this too

Dream Job: At least 65 lakhs, work from wherever you want, a job like this too
Dream Job: At least 65 lakhs, work from wherever you want, a job like this too

Dream Job Offer from a CEO: Minimum Wage Rs 65 lakh, Work from Wherever You Want: In my company, employees get at least 80 thousand dollars (about Rs 65 lakh) salary. Also, the freedom to work from wherever you want. On becoming a parent, leave with salary and many other benefits like this too. This heart-wrenching job offer is not a dream seen in a day or a fit of one’s mind. This claim has been made by the CEO of a company on Twitter. The name of his company is Gravity Payments, and the CEO is Dan Price.

Dan has also told in his tweet that due to such a great job description, at least 300 applications come in his company when one vacancy is released. Although in our country where thousands of applications are heard for a vacancy, the figure of 300 is nothing, but the pride with which Dan has mentioned this number, it is clear that it must be big for America.

Dan Price further wrote in his tweet, “Sometimes it is said that ‘no one wants to work’. But the fact is that ‘companies do not pay fair wages to their employees and they are not treated with respect’.

Are there any vacancies at Dan’s Company now?

However, after reading this news, you might be wondering whether such a vacancy is currently available in Dan’s company? Such a thought must have come to the mind of many people and one user even asked this question to Dan Price on Twitter. This user wrote, “Any jobs available? Lol” means are there any jobs available? In response, Dan Price wrote, “Always!” That means “always!” Not only this, but Dan also posted a link to his company’s careers page with this comment. Dan Price’s company Gravity Payments is a credit card processing company. It claims that it works for small businesses to reduce the high cost of credit card processing.

According to the company’s website, it provides its services to companies of all sectors of the economy. Its product offerings include payment integration, POS-Gateway communication and services like Account API Merchant Boarding.

Dream trapped between praise and questions

As can be expected, Dan’s tweet has created a flutter on social media these days. Many people are praising his attitude, while some people are also looking at his claim with questionable eyes. Many people feel that the kind of salary and facilities Dan is talking about giving to his employees is not practical. Many people are also saying that maybe Gravity Payments is making so much profit that it can give hefty salary and facilities to its employees. But it may not be possible for every company to do this. However, even if it is not possible for every company to offer such a job, every employee can only dream of such a job!


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