Paystand and Yaydoo join hands to build blockchain platform

Big companies around the world seem to be starting to work on blockchain technology. Many startups that are now going to enter the industry are bringing blockchain technology with them. In this episode, the name of tech startup Paystand and Yadu has come. Paystand and Yaydoo have announced a collaboration to build a platform based on blockchain technology.

Tech startups Paystand and Yaydoo have joined hands to launch a blockchain-based platform for businesses. This platform will work on cash flow management and liquidity solutions which will be launched in the United States and Latin America. Paystand is an American startup and Yaydoo is based in Mexico. In a statement, he said that this deal creates a B2B fintech unicorn. This in itself is the first. However, apart from this, more information has not been put out by the startup yet.

The platform will enhance people’s access to blockchain-based business solutions in the US, the statement said. Both the firms offer a wide range of technology based B2B solutions for automation of payment process, invoice collection and transactions. It has been said in the statement from the startups that the new company that will be formed by the merger of both can be on the track of IPO within two years.

Blockchain is the technology of the future and it is going to completely change the way transactions are done in the coming times. Another news related to this has come from The firm has registered with the Italian regulator and said in a statement that it can now provide crypto and digital wallet related services to Italian citizens and institutional investors under the regulator OAM here.Prior to this, major crypto exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, and Trade Republic are also included in the list of firms that have registered themselves under the regulator OAM in Italy. Coinbase is a US based firm, is Singapore based, while Trade Republic is a Germany based investment platform.


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