Top 15 Best Friend Countries of India

Top 15 Best Friend Countries of India

Want to discover who India’s top 15 friends are? You’ve come to the correct place, then. India now maintains business and corporate friendships with numerous nations.

A strong economic tie between nations is maintained in part by the financial connection. India is currently one of the top investment destinations for business entrepreneurs. In line with PM Modi’s “atmanirvar Bharat” mission, many Indians work to establish their brands across all conceivable industries.

This makes India the ideal venue for investors from around the globe to make investments. It is now more crucial than ever to maintain positive connections with foreign nations following the pandemic.

List of Top 15 Best Friend Countries of India

1. USA

India has a solid track record of upholding international alliances and is known as one of the world’s finest friends. You may find out which nation is India’s best buddy with the use of this guide.

India’s closest ally has traditionally been the United States.

With each passing year, the bond between India and the USA has grown stronger.

Both of them supported the principles of upholding human rights, treating all citizens equally, and applying the law fairly.

Fair and reciprocal business interests were shared by India and the United States. 2019 saw approximately $149 billion in bilateral trade between the two of them.

The US economy benefits from Indian students studying in American universities.

Indian retailers are encouraged to use Walmart’s site to establish strong ties in the US market.

Following the lockout, US President Joe Biden travelled to India and pledged to purchase more goods there than in China. Increasing India’s commercial output and market share in the USA as a result.

2. Japan

Japan is one of India’s best allies since the two countries retain spiritual ties in addition to conducting business and exchanging technologies. as a result of Buddhism’s expansion in Japan.

They began to form economic alliances and exchange cultural beliefs. India has assisted Japan in overcoming the damage caused by World War II.

Japan then began to lend money in yen to India. Prime Minister Kishida and Prime Minister Modi recently spoke on the “Free and Open Indo-Pacific” approach.

Both of these nations generated $17.63 billion in bilateral trade in 2019. India exports to Japan a variety of goods, including fish and fish products, apparel and accessories, textiles, iron and steel, chemical components, textile yarn, and petroleum products.

While Japan supplies India with non-ferrous metals, organic chemicals, electrical equipment, etc. PM Modi is now concentrating on the development of “digital ICT technologies,” which were introduced in 2018 in collaboration with Japan.

3. Israel

India and Israel cooperate closely in the areas of defence and agriculture in order to prosper in the future. This relationship has changed since 2014 thanks to PM Modi, who has pursued diplomatic measures with Israel. India’s defence was strengthened after purchasing Raffael and other defence equipment from Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett also works to implement cutting-edge technology in Indian agriculture.

As a result, MASHAV from Israel collaborates on the 30 Centers Excellence Project with the Indian Ministry of Agriculture. In India, this strategy has benefited roughly 1.2 lakh farmers. Future developments will result in a stronger bond.

4. Afghanistan

Due to their geographical proximity, India and Afghanistan have traded for a long time. 2020 saw $1.5 billion in trade between the two nations.

The only challenge is trading through Pakistan. There are new initiatives to make trading more convenient. influenced by President Ashraf Ghani in 2017.

The Air Freight Corridor was jointly established by the two administrations. Following the air corridor, Afghanistan’s Chabbar port demonstrated its capability by sending 700 tonnes of cargo to India.

India used to give agricultural help to Afghanistan through this port. Both nations desire to work together and help those in need.

5. Bhutan

Bhutan and India both have an interest in the growth of Southeast Asian nations.

Over the past year, there has been an increase in the volume of trade between these two nations. Bhutan’s PM Lotay Tshering and India’s PM Modi talked about expanding economic routes in both nations.

to increase business. In addition to modifying various customs and tax-related regulations, they also intend to do likewise with regard to routes.

The adjustments will facilitate easy border trading. India is essential to Bhutan’s prosperity, as well.

India provided financial assistance to Bhutan for a number of development schemes. They are currently concentrating on developing new trade regions for investors.

6. Russia

The inclusion of these two nations in scientific, commercial, cultural, and economic activities is of utmost importance to their governments.

President Vladimir Putin received a video message from PM Modi in 2021 outlining his economic outlook. That message was warmly received by President Putin.

And was also urged to put that message’s message into practise. Around $4 billion has been invested by Russia in the Indian economy, particularly in the BPO sector.

And the car industries. While India has made about USD 8 billion in investments, largely in energy projects, in the Russian market.

Now, both governments are taking the initiative to make investments in more industry sectors. For instance, some of these include infrastructure, fertilisers, nuclear power plants, coal, and pharmaceuticals. They should definitely be included on the list of India’s best friends!

7. Myanmar

Indian and Burmese people are similar in terms of their ancestry and culture. The relationship was hindered for a while, but since 2016, things have changed for the better.

Myanmar is seen by the Indian government as a commercial entry point into other East Asian nations. India does not, however, solely give business importance.

However, it also improves relations on a more general level. Associations from both nations are working to build markets, railroads, and shipping facilities along the border.

President Win Myint expressed desire in expanding trade in the energy and health industries as well. Typically, India invests in the oil and gas industries.

Indian investors would soon be drawn to the food processing and renewable energy industries.

8. Maldives

This little island nation in the Indian Ocean is crucial to India’s international trade. a result of the location.

On the water, it serves as a “toll plaza.” These two countries’ citizens have similar linguistic, cultural, and economic interests.

India always steps up to support this country in whatever form, whether it’s a major natural disaster or a time of need.

PM Modi is taking additional measures to improve relations between the two countries now that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is in office.

India provided the Maldives with $1.4 billion in financial help in 2018 and expressed confidence in the wellbeing of the Maldivians. With Maldives being a popular tourist destination, many more individuals have opportunities.

Some individuals travel there from India, while others get suitable employment and settle down.

9. Srilanka

Sri Lanka and India engage in significant trade. Development in the fields of health, transportation, education, infrastructure, and industry are all part of their economic operations.

Numerous Indian businesses mostly invest in the tourism, finance, telecommunications, and retail of petroleum sectors in Sri Lanka.

While Sri Lankan investors bring a fresh viewpoint to India’s logistics and freight industries. as a result of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s influence.

Sri Lanka’s finance minister went to India to look at the tourism industry from a different angle. India provided all possible assistance to this neighbouring country during a difficult time of the pandemic.

10. Australia

Both of these nations seek to expand their overall economic relationship. The seventh-largest trading partner of Australia is currently India.

In a similar vein, Australia has emerged as one of India’s top export destinations. India imports medications, refined petroleum, pearls, and diamonds while exporting gold, coal, and copper.

Australia boasts top-notch educational resources. As a result, they provide educational programmes and cutting-edge teaching techniques to Indian students.

The progress in clean energy, space, education, essential minerals, and many other areas will be refuelled by this investment.

Scott Morrison, the prime minister of Australia, suggested investing INR 15 billion in India during the 2021 virtual summit between PM Modi and PM Morrison.

11. Singapore

For many years, Singapore and India have had close aesthetic and cultural ties.

The bilateral trade between Prime Ministers Modi and Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore has increased in 2018.

Both nations abide by several significant accords in order to improve business cooperation. Singapore’s first domestically produced microsatellite was launched with assistance from India.

For academics from India, Singapore boasts areas of specialisation in science and technology. Through eight carriers, Singapore is able to build direct links with fifteen Indian destinations thanks to the Air Service Agreement from 2005.

12. Thailand

Through spiritual ties, India and Thailand enjoyed a link that went beyond business. Many Thais travel to India to make connections

While there are strong Hindu influences in that society, Buddhism is also prominent. The “Act East” and “Act West” policies of Thailand and India respectively drew these two nations closer together.

The two countries’ bilateral commerce totaled USD 9.76 billion in 2020, when there was a pandemic.

Thai branches of well-known Indian corporations including Tata Steel, Tech Mahindra, and L & T are being expanded for business.

Similar to how top Thai businesses like Thai Union Frozen Products and Stanley Electric Engineering Pvt Ltd support India’s engineering and agro-processing industries

Strong bilateral ties with India are important to Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha.

13. South Korea

These two nations have been linked since ancient times since South Koreans are heavily influenced by Indian culture.

When South Korean President Park Geun-Hye visited India in 2014, the two countries’ close bilateral relationship reached a new level.

India mainly sends iron, steel, wheat, and naphtha to Korea.

Petroleum refined products, telecommunications equipment, mechanical appliances, etc. are among the main Korean imports.

Chief Ministers of a several Indian states visited South Korea before to the outbreak to promote business in their regions.

14. Jamaica

Cricket, the English language, and commonwealth games are shared interests between these two nations.

Both are developing nations with the same goals of eradicating poverty, creating a wholesome environment for inhabitants, and enhancing their economies.

India has historically exported a lot of goods to Jamaica, including machinery, automobile parts, and medical items.

PM Holness of Jamaica delivered a significant address at the UN headquarters at the celebration of Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birthday.

15. France

The regular meetings between the prime ministers of these two nations create opportunities for economic and commercial cooperation.

They engage in substantial bilateral trade. Given that there are already 1,000 French businesses in India, French investment is essential to the country’s economy.

Major French businesses operating in India include Capgemini, Loreal, Total, Airbus, and others in the service, chemical, and aerospace sectors.

Approximately 300000 Indians are employed in these enterprises in India, according to the French embassy. New investments are made by Edificio during the administration of President Emmanuel Macron, and Worldline debuts in India in 2022.


Along with business methods, India has cultural ties to many of its allies. It may be claimed that India has developed strong relationships with nations like the USA and Jamaica despite its geographical location.

India’s expanding economic potential opens up opportunities for investment. Leading businesses are looking for entry points into this sector as a result.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the Top 15 Friends of India; do leave any feedback or suggestions in the section below.


Which nation is India’s closest friend?

There isn’t a single nation that can be described as India’s best friend. Some nations, like the United States, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Israel, and Russia, were determined to be the closest to India.

Is Japan India’s closest ally?

The friendship between Japan and India is regarded as Japan’s longest international relationship. There was never any rivalry between these two nations.

Is South Korea friendly to India?

Relationships between these nations have grown and become more complex during the last few years. A close relationship is developing between these two nations as a result of the exchange of technical information and cultural values.

Which nation views India the most favourably?

The two nations that esteem India the most are. According to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in 2014, they are Russia and Israel.

Is India friendly with North Korea?

India was a key player in helping this country with food aid, and the two countries had a cordial relationship. However, the connections between the countries affected by their hacking activities in bank accounts start to suffer.

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