Fall Guys for Android: Can it be played on mobile devices

Fall Guys for Android

Fall Guys for Android: If you’re a fan of the game that we’ve been falling in love with almost since the pandemic began, you probably want to know when Fall Guys is coming out for mobile devices on Android and iOS. This is one of the most popular games in recent years around the world. But its players want more, and they can’t wait for it to be available for smartphones.

The video game was originally released for PC and PS4. However, due to its great success, the title developed by Mediatonic decided to adopt the free-to-play format. In other words, it can be played for free on any platform: Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5.

The announcement was well received by its players, who were looking forward to making this game available on more platforms. The company announced it last month and from June 21, 2022, it can be downloaded for free.

When is Fall Guys coming out for Android and iOS mobiles?

The development team at this time does not know when Fall Guys will be released for mobile on Android and iOS. They do have plans for it to come out, but for now we can imagine that they have quite a bit of trouble with the recently launched free-to-play and the new platforms.

However, as with anything successful, imitations of the game soon began to appear. Apps that claimed to be Fall Guys (but weren’t) or YouTube videos that promised the game could be played on Android and iOS.

The company soon had to go out and deny all this to clarify that there is no mobile version of the popular video game.

What is the most similar alternative on Android?

It’s called Stumble Guys and although it doesn’t offer us the same as the original game, at least the graphics are decent and it works without problems or problems. More than a copy, it has become a modified option for all those who cannot use the previous methods on mobile.

Stumble Guys has almost overnight become the most downloaded title on smartphones, generating several tens of millions of dollars in its wake.


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